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This is a little long, but you are going to love it.

https://qagg.news/ has been down for last 2 months, when you went there you got a 404 error like the page had been taken down.

Now, Qagg is back up, all you see is a ticking clock and a number below the clock, currently the number is 12. It seems to be counting down.

If you go to the wayback machine, there has been 1 archive of Qagg over the last couple months, it happened on March 16th and it looked like this, link below.


The number on the page at that time was 15.

On the 17th it said 13.

Now it is the 18th and the number is 12.

If you go to the link here: http://web.archive.org/web/20230501000000*/qagg.news

Hover your mouse over the only archive on March 16th it gives you this date and time.

Thu, 16 Mar 2023 06:10:16 GMT (why: archiveteam, archiveteam_urls)

GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time, Greenwich is in London. I think this might explain the discrepancy and how the number dropped from 15 to 13 in 1 day.

Here is the interesting part;

Q drop 3004 seems to line up with this countdown on the Qagg site.


If you look at the date, March 9, 2019 and look at the bottom of the post you see [-21]. Now, look at your calendar and count forward, you see you get 12 on 3/18.

This Q drop talks about Sessions and Huber. Remember Sessions appointed Huber. Huber had 470 investigators working for him.

"Sessions informed Congress in his letter that all the matters recommended for investigation by Goodlatte, Gowdy, and Grassley are “fully within the scope of [Huber’s] existing mandate.” He also informed the chairmen that Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who is working with Huber, has a staff of 470 investigators, giving Huber access to enormous investigative firepower that far exceeds the staff of any special counsel."


In the video below, it is said that President Trump ordered Correy Lewandowski, his chief of staff, to bypass the Boston FBI and get Mike Gill in to a face to face interview with the top prosecutor of Massachusetts Andrew Lelling who then took it to the Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Go to the 2 minute mark.


Remember in March 2017 "Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself From Russia Inquiry"


Here is the same video as above, its on Bitchute. "MIKE GILL: TRUMP VS THE CARTEL" Look in the description section of this video, it says:

"In this one they say once Trump found out, he ordered Corey Lewandowski to call Mike Gill and get him to attend Andrew Lelling's office in EARLY MARCH, 2017, who then linked him up with Jeff Sessions."


It says, "Early March 2017"....same time Sessions recused himself from Russia case. I assume he would be preoccupied with the Mike Gill case. Remember Trump bad mouthed Sessions for recusing, Trump most likely knew Sessions was digging into the corruption in New Hampshire.

Here are some collaborating facts.

Trump argues he won New Hampshire because it is a ‘drug-infested den’


Here is Jeff Sessions giving a press briefing in New Hampshire talking about the drug problem in New Hampshire. He is talking about Fentanyl, exactly why Mike Gill was pushing so hard for someone to listen to him. People were dying and Mike Gill was trying to stop it.


Mike Gill says the same people who was trafficking the drugs also ran the casinos, owned the treatment centers and homeless centers and was lobbying for federal aid to support the treatment centers. Crazy stuff.

Watch the Bitchute video, it is a new video that also has Jackie Berger in it who basically tells the same story at a Arizona Oversight hearing, however in this case drug cartels controlling state government with laundered money through mortgage loans.


I really feel this is playing out, there is too much evidence indicating the current bank closures are related to these investigations, just like Mike Gill says.

Have a good day!!!