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He nailed it.

Countdown ver 3.0 just dropped.

Looking forward to this next 2 day countdown to finish so the 4th can start up...

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Gen Z and Millennials have blown out the beanie hat market. That and the sweat pant market as well. Both used to be sub $10 items and now it's like $40 for a pair of champion sweat pants. Champion sweat pants used to be something you'd pick up a several pairs to give away to homeless people and now they are casual Guicci fashion or something. -_-

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Gold and silver are up a lot the past few days. Seems like financial people are moving to stable assets. Maybe some of them know something.

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These people are sick!

Thanks for the clarification.

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I didn't get the memo on the panda eyes and my google fu turned up nothing. I dont see any explanations of it in the thread.

What do the Panda eyes mean? Is it some logo/icon of kid eaters or some new iteration of pedo bear?

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I'm a bit confused. If your wife is positive, what is the point of you taking a test? I assume the reason for the test is to determine if they, your daughter, feels safe around your house during Thanksgiving, like, no one has covid right now so we can get together but if someone has covid then it's a no-go.

If the wife is positive, I dont see why your results matter at all. Someone in your home is positive and if that matters to someone thinking of visiting you, then that would be the trigger for them to pass.

You're right to not take the test, it's just another instrument of whatever they are pushing out with these mrna vaccines. I dont want anything to do with any part of the system.

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The . might be nothing more than just a start of a line text issue. By putting @ whatever as the first character in a line, maybe it activates some automated formatting. To "defang" those processes you use some character that doesn't do that ike when you prevent a URL you're writing out from being a live URL.

Example: comrpmoisedWebSite[.]com

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Don’t tell me what to do.

I’ll analyze events as they happen and be on watch for manipulation and deception. You know, thinking critically.

Here is a red flag up on my board at the moment: Why is it that people keep telling me to pick a side?

On that point alone, I’m not going to pick a side. All sides are suspect and the pick a side train is running at full steam.

I need to make a graphic and post regarding this but did you see that red text 4 Chan post where someone said in the next few weeks something big will happen and everyone will pick a side. The post said don’t pick a side, it’s a test.

Also what I find real sus, trump in the past week has made truth social posts on both sides of the issue and has given all interactive truth social participators the opportunity to voice their support on both sides of the issue.

Even though I participate in individual movements and ideas, I ALWAYS remain suspect and fit new intel in place.

I even keep the doors open to the idea these people are stupid refers to us and the snake in the story who was let in, could be Trump. Always keep your considerations open and be slow and cautious about picking sides.

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Multiple carrier strike groups have entered the chat.

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Then THAT becomes the angle to create gun control. The training becomes the bottleneck to deny or control firearms.

Shall not be infringed. It is a freedom that has an inherit danger and that is an acceptable term for having that kind of freedom.

Safety training with firearms should be our CULTURE not one of our laws.

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I've seen the opposite. I've seen quite a few vids of the events on the changes and my observation is that many of these attacks were executed by people very comfortable and capable with their equipment. They moved, shot and operated effectively like they have trained and prepared for this. I dont doubt that some portion of the attacks might have had some lesser trained attackers, but my first impression from the weekend of videos I have been watching is that this was an effective and capable military force executing these actions. You can find the videos in Pol on the chans but warning, the chans are not a place to tread without a bit of caution and resilience.

Edit: I answered this in relation to the attackers but after looking at your message it's not specified who "They" are and it could be the IDF you're referring to.

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I heard that exact same statement before the last presidential election.

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All the Faraday cage stuff is BS. If you have a problem with signals getting to your phone tomorrow, what about the day after? 2 weeks after? a year after? If you MUST power off, Faraday cage or do anything like that then you should quickly realize, you must do that forever, which actually might be a great thing to do, you need to go technologically dark. The reason being that access is everywhere. It's built into the hardware, the ISP. If you are online, you're connected to the people you're trying to keep out of your life, but we dont have sufficient protections in place to legally stop them. We should, but we dont, its a digital wild west.

So either go dark starting today, or what you are protecting yourself from on Wednesday, will be something you'll be vulnerable to Thursday and every day after. That's why I think tomorrow is irrelevant in terms of all this, block it from happening, Faraday cage your phone, turn it off etc. It doesnt matter unless you're ready to cut the digital connection.

Now could this be a moment for "my fellow Americans" sure, that could happen at any time.

My money is on this test just being a test, but I'm sure these tools are planned on being used by the powers that be as a tool to influence all people. Everyone getting the same message at the same time can be a powerful tool to herd the sheep.

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That's a bit much, maybe they could just make them wear something like a yellow star.

Has that ever been done before? You know, to help people identify these kinds of people (non vaxxed).

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Suddenly got him.

That’s happening a lot.

I wonder if the doctors will take the time to figure it out or just remain baffled.

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There is no “as male” provision in law regarding assault that I’m aware of. That’s street law. Only disparity of force is the consideration which average male against average female doesn’t qualify for. Disparity of force is like kids vs adults, frail elderly vs military aged etc. Application of that would be an elderly frail person being justified to shoot someone pinching them because it could be deadly, but a 20 year old fit person can’t shoot an elderly grandma, in most cases, for punching them. I dont Riley knows real law and is going off “ you don’t hit women” as a basis of law. Being male vs woman assault doesn’t change the legal charges or anything.

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Pretending to be him.

I wonder if this is an AI voice impersonation. Wouldnt be the first, there was a scam where someones parents were called and "daughter" was on the phone begging for help but it was an AI impersonation.

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1000 yard shooting is becoming pretty normal in the shooting sports hobby. Not dismissing the challenge of making those shots at all but I see a lot of people talking about 1000 yard shooting, equipment etc. Your average shooting enthusiast can get into 1000 yard shooting and have a lot a support, options and available ranges to practice this craft. Target sizes are often about 24" (inches) for 1000 yard shots... and even smaller.

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To make the national security issue case.

All other gun issues can be dismissed as a local police/state issue. Downing f-35 gives weight to "this is a matter of national security."

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A one off dumbass is not out of the question at all.

ERMAHGERD Billy! It's the russians landing in our field. Blast em!

Punching fatal holes in an aircraft with a .50 is totally a reasonable possibility.

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This observation about the F35 and if it is suited for close air support roles like the A-10 would do is something already in question. Relying on better sensors and longer distance away from target engagement in a CAS role is one of the ideas floated around regarding the F-35 and small arms fire.

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