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It is encoded symbolic communication to enforce the beginnings if a trigger event.

Go look back to what happened to the wild when bezos got divorced.

The people, time of year, action all of it is an encodes message to world elites as to what route and global plans are going to take.

It's like fucking tarot cards but with people for them. The communicate through this shit.

Bad events to follow.

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This is all symbolic communication

Think about what happened after bezos got a divorce

All of this is encoded symbolic communication between the elites.

This is a trigger event.

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So like brave new world socioeconomic system layered with 1984 thought police legal system.

I always figured it would be one or the other, seems like we are going to get a bit of both at once then.

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It would make more sense for them to do it in waves over a decade or two lopping off a 1% or 2% segment at a time to subdue adverse economical effects. It allows to time for population density to sort of rebalance. People that died can be replaced by others in their positions and maintain production, etc, housing markets somewhat stabilized with new tenants buying from he dead etc.

If you just snapped away 10% of the population in one day it turn off the economic engine and be really hard to turn it back on but of you kill off 1% a year for 10 years the engine will stutter but ultimately still work.

I say all this because I assume they want to avoid economic collapse as some priority otherwise there are not too many winners in all this.

They would have to depopulate while still maintaining proportionate production and velocity of goods.

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Is that what it is called. I watched a documentary that got me into Bernays a long time ago and we'll lo and behold I was going to watch it again with my girl but it almost seemed scrubbed from youtube. Lol.

The internet is getting really... Chlorinated... Really fast. I watched the documentary maybe 5 years ago.

But I agree with this. This is definitely a huge breakthrough piece of information to begin with. A lot of it started with me just realizing so many people, of all identities are really just targets. When you have an identity, you have a coorp that wants you to target you with an ad and get your money.

It's an easy first step I think for people to start looking at things in a different way, to view themselves in a different way.

Home cooking? Target

Sports fan? But target

Love makeup? Target

Hunting? Giant target

Deeper - Mother? Target

Single dad? Target

Gay? Target

Psychonaut/open minded? Target

You can not let your activity become your identity or you become a target. You can have activity and interests obviously but if it becomes "your thing", you have now lost. It is okay if one can recognize it in a way. But it is interesting what happens when people realize it for the first time. And realize that not too many people realize it. That's when the world starts to open I think.

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Redditor and love what I am calling skim milk info.

They want surface level information. How to make a curry, how to change spark plugs, how to treat lawn.

Or they want recent event awareness (front page of the internet) - I myself used to feel confident that if a nuke dropped reddit would let me know before the MSM. In my defense, years ago, it really did be like that and reddit community was truly getting ahead of info before the MSM. At their great dismay during the times of the boston bomber and some other drama. But the point remains - most redditors want event awareness and this makes them susceptible now to the spin on whatever source they get first. It used to be very organic individual sources but now reddit is too slow and often just repost MSM spin articles way after the fact, where in the past you could get an individuals cell phone recording on a BLM riot before the news even talked about it the next day. This no longer happens.

The third thing is the though bubble/ hobbies aspect. Whatever tame thing you are into you can find their and a lot of people seek that. I used to really like the idea of subreddit a and communities for things like blacksmithing and video games and all kinds of niche hobbies because you realize the community's are actually quite large and your hobby or interest is not so weird. People love that.

Put all this together though and you have skim milk, 2% milk, watered down, curated information.

No one is questioning what the information is now. No one does any form of comparative analysis. No one likes to dissent from the norm (karma). Better to hold the opinion than get downvoted or banned from the "community". I remember one time I got in big trouble around 2012 for saying "nigs gonna nig" because some black guy assaulted a woman and stole her phone and everyone called me raycissssss and I got into a big free speech tirade then and got mad at everyone for attacking me and defending an actual criminal just because I said an unsavory word. To my surprise at that time I was silently upvoted a lot all though the thought police destroyed my inbox. Many journeys on this internet.

But that's the way I see it. There is a new generation of people on this internet. And they don't know. You have to get with the nerds from the 2000-2008 era, of which I was young young during that period but then also the real nerds from the 2008-2012 era. In which WoW/4chan/Halo generation began. Mass communication, mass community.

There are different experiences people are having on the internet I don't know how to explain but it is a layer of reality you can choose. It also is the same irl but it is hyper reality on the internet because the bandwidth of info you can digest is much greater. It is dangerous if people do not question their internet reality just as it is if people do not question their irl reality.

Redditors do neither. Many do neither. Most people here question both constantly. That is why we are here in the group on the internet. There will always be this group somewhere. Very unlikely for a human to question it's reality and question/verify the information if ya reality at the same time. Be willing to view opposition to current reality (take "red pills). It is a very unlikely thing. But it there will always be a subset, an "underground", of thinkers questioning all these strange things that don't make sense. And they always end up finding the same problems. Control, fear, darkness. Everytime. It is strange.

Always question who you are.

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Place looks ghetto anyway.

Low standard bullshit small business.


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I am intuitively feeling Gates as well. This thought has been popping up for me over the last week or so.

Just a hunch. But it is a really specific and random hunch and those seem to be best kind for me this last year or two.

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I am a plague frog!


I mean "ribbit".

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"Space shuttle fly as a Child" very odd word choices too make here. No one usually says space shuttle and generally use rockets and usually people see launches not flights and enjoy rocket launches. It is just very intentful and specific I think for ET to specifically say "space shuttle fly as a child"

"Two boosters fly back down to earth" is also notable because if the use of two. Usually people would naturally just say the. "It is truly incredible watching THE boosters fall back down to Earth"

So there is something being communicated with intent here for sure in my opinion. The intent has to do with

Whatever a space shuttle represents to children

Two of something

And whatever the boosters represent, returning.

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It is the same for me as of these last few months. Something is at work for sure. I am things are resonating for you. There will be things to do for us one day.

Nothing happens by accident.

Don't ask what it means.

Ask what it will mean.

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Symbol magic thought energy spirit manipulation occult esoteric magic all is real and the human disbelief paradigm is the biggest veil over our eyes we have her to uncover.

One of the final red pills is that it is all real. Humans are spiritual and magical beings. Religion is curated like Google is curated.

Christianity can be reconciled with the human spiritual power it is edited as a control mechanism. Ie, the miracles of moses, walking upon water, feeding of the hungry masses - this magic was not meant for the christ alone. The abilities have been stripped and hidden from us and we are and have been controlled by others using the same abilities with non christlike intent.

Science worship and atheism is tool in creating a virtual spirit 'cave' as in plato's cave. We are looking at a wall of shadow figures our entire lives - generations, we know no different. The people who get into normie occult practices and crystals and astrology are ridiculed even if they are misguided in their spiritualism they are not incorrect that the power exist, the way they understand is just very simplified.

Christianity against paganism and the occult was a war before our current war of blacks and whites and others. It is / was a chaos war in order obfuscate the information and disentegrate our understanding.

Atheism and Pagan arts and Monotheism must all reconcile, greater understanding of human spirit potential and conciousness needed.

Review please Trump himself. Review please his affiliation to the sun. Review please his personal symbolism. Review please his personal rituals.

If suspicion has taken over as you have read this please scroll back up and look at the ritual that already took place without your knowledge. Do not be skeptical without being diligent. If you are suspicious please review do not ignore.

Edit: Relationship between google SEO keyword algorithm for ranking information and symbolic magic. SEO operates the same way, it is very close to the way the universe interacts with focused thought and symbols. The seed of the idea for SEO ranking comes from the deep knowledge and primal recollection of how our own manifestation abilities operate. Unsure if this was concious or unconscious, purposeful or accidental.

Universe is encoded with human ideas, symbols are keyword ideas to manifest events, searching for the right keywords yields the information you seek. It works on the same principles but only in the world of human information and it is also altered by the controllers in the same way our human manifestation knowledge has been altered. Parallel stories.

Edit edit: This information was channeled. And could be completely wrong. I've never thought of any of this before in my life but am typing it here now. Reject it or believe it. I hope many will verify for themselves as I will. Move forward with an open mind.

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At this point in the timeline with all my neurotransmitters blown to shreds by all the red pills I've taken I wouldn't even bat an eye at some shit like that.

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This is correct. Many different beings and consciousnesses here and ready to aid humanity. More time needed as those beings are beginning to understand ultimately why they arrived here. Many beings from the 80's-current are waking up collectively to the fact they are meant to aid in the process of ensuring a free humanity. Many young children born recently waking up in their early years.

Many of us here are going through the same process without realizing. This entire group is a byproduct, a little microcosm of what is happening across the world for humanity.

Not all are individual consciousness. All conciousness are independent and unique but at the time of attenuation to this reality it is sometimes in the prime conciousness entity to split / divide their conciousness across multiple human bodies in multiple locations across slightly different time periods so that the independent human bodies sometimes may find one another during different phases of the life process. The bodies and minds are generally not aware it is happening. But sometimes they are aware and then reject the notion.

Many used to come here to gain understanding, now many are coming here and rushing their understanding and personal conciousness journey in order to be prepared to fight against those that diminishing the free will of this realm.

This reality is one of the only realities in which a lower spirit is able to manifest, attenuate, and actuate giving them the oppurtunity to grow. The oppurtunity to do these things in other realities is very rare. Very little growth. Sometimes one can manifest. Sometimes one can attenuate. Rarely can one actuate unless the spirit is very strong. But this reality is a primary reality in which nearly all spirits can manifest and manipulate within it. This obviously comes with its negatives. But it is necessary that the reality remains free and not taken control of another concious entity or the growth of lower spirits will be limited as long as they have power to limit. It is unfortunately necessary to have this chaos is this reality because this chaos is what allows the opportunity for growth to occur.

As a counter to this control operation entities have been compelled to even the playing field so to speak and inject high level conscious entities along side low level or beginning human spirits to teach them aid them and allow them the ability to grow despite the control operation that is occuring. These high level consciousness are mostly amnesiac as a byproduct of the human dna not allowing for full access and attenuation to all capabilities of the soul source. The junk DNA called by our science is not junk the word is wrong. The dna is broken. Humans were intended to develop a helical 12 stranded dna. Cells oscillate with the electric energy of your mind. You are tuned to a resonate frequency of water and the carbon atom vibrate at such a rate that it is on harmony with this. The other strands of DNA have been broken. The junk is the junk like the asteroid belt is junk. The asteroid belt was a planet. Your junk DNA was once fully tethered additional strands. There were many incidents along our timeline that has led to this destruction of DNA. Invited among the same spirit soul entities that are creating an incident now.

We are the soul spirit well spring. This reality is the beginning one of the only starts for new souls spirits to manifest and learn rather than live in stasis on a peaceful but void plane. This is the source in which these little beings flow out. Look to salmon in a river. But also look at the bear. This is what is happening to humans on earth now. Be aware. Awaken. And enjoy your life of learning.

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Already on it.

Going to hit every gas station in town first.

Gas stations are the biggest mask volatility imo. A lot of people don't give a fuck at the gas station. Pain in the ass if you can't pay at pump and then have to go in or something and then you forget your mask? One type goes in anyway, one type goes to get their mask.

It is where to start for sure. Also because everyone gets gas.

My small psyop from this outpost and my request from the other outposts is to start with the gas stations for everything. They are small enough to be unrecognized zones but also have the volume of literally everyone flowing through them.

Sticker you gas stations.

Talk to people at our gas stations.

Drop pamphlets at your gas stations.

It's a tiny tiny little bit of space we can actually leverage.

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U.S.A falls in line, world falls in line.

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Trump has a long history however of getting off to destroying people that suck.

People want to make him out to be bad because of that.

I don't think he's bad, if the one bad quality on Trump is that he might like his ego stroked more than his dick then that should have been okay with everyone because it's quite obvious he is generally fair and good natured only except to people that fuck with him. And then once actually bad people fuck with him he puts them in their place and wants everyone to know. Nothing wrong with that to me. It's only bad to people who fear they may get judged negatively by Trump. The hatred came from people who feel Trump might not like them.

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People believe more and more faith in a vaccine they don't understand and more fear for a virus they don't understand than anything else.

I want to see the overlap of vaccine believers and atheism right now. Why so much faith in blind science. This science is truly junk. They are flying by he seat of their pants here. Truly. But there is so much faith in it.

People no longer have faith in anything. Not themselves, not the future, surely not God. But they have utmost faith in the MSM, in someone at. A podium. Someone being called a doctor.

Why do they believe CNN without question but won't even look at the bible? Won't question CNN, need master's thesis study on religion before they even consider being agnostic.

It's a fucking trip. It's like they reject religion because they view it as a control mechanism but then when they watch TV or whatever else everyone is doing, they then allow themselves to be controlled.

Tell. Me. What the fuck. Is really going on?

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Now read it Trump's voice while doing holding your index finger and thumb together.

Not implying Trump is god. Just do it - it is funny.

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