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My almost 90 year old father is slowly dying in the ICU. He got Covid(flu) and then fell breaking 3 of his ribs and then he had a heart attack. On top of that, his kidneys are failing.

I first started following FBIAnon before I started following Q. I came here after they shut down TheDonald on Reddit. It's been a struggle to get my parents to see what has been going on in the world. Only recently, at max craziness have they come around.

If I'm being realistic, my dad's issues are too many for him to recover from. I might be deluding myself but I believe that the medbeds and celestial chambers are real. How else are these children who have been birthed and tortured by the deep state for adrenochrome and satanic ritual abuse going to be healed from the emotional and physical scars inflicted upon them? I remember seeing the kids exiting the White House.

I think deformed children who had never seen sunlight were saved from the tunnels and treated on the Comfort and Mercy. I believe that they were saved with medical technology not available to the rest of us yet.

I believe Trump convinced Kodak to retool and produce cures, not just treatments, but cures. I bought stock in medical UV light companies when everyone was making fun of Trump for disinfectants.

I believe that we are in the process of waking up the normies, but damn, it's taking forever.

Every room on that floor of the ICU that I walk past has an old person on a ventilator. I feel like I'm walking past people who already have both feet in the grave. My mom is walking around like a ghost. She's devastated, and we have her in our guestroom, but I know at some point she's going to have to return to their empty house. Without my dad, I don't think she will want to stay around for much longer.

I believe we are going to see a new world when Trump comes back. But I need a miracle for my father today. I need a miracle for everyone on that hospital floor. Sooner than later.

I pray that God hears me. But realistically, I know what is coming. My father is suffering and we are only delaying the inevitable so my brother and sister can get here to say good bye. I want my father to stop suffering. More than anything, I want him to come home, come back to us as the healthiest best version of himself, but I know that's hoping against hope.

But it will tear my soul apart to know that we pulled his plug too soon, when a new world with new cures and an end to our taxation slavery and food industry poisoning is on the horizon.

Please pray for my dad pedes. I am blessed to have had him for over 55 years. I feel like you all are my brothers in arms. I wish you all are blessed to have a dad like mine.

I think he will be with God soon, I owe everything to him. Bringing my mom to this great country, to become citizens and serve 20 years in the US Air Force.

I'm not ready.