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I read a post from an astronomer saying these are aiming devices for the lage telescopes on the islands. He was pissed that peope were sheep enough to jump any bandwagon that pulled up. Just saying, there are a lot of things that could have happened. Occams razor applied to arson would indicate people hand lighting fires. We should look there 1st before hitting scifi level. Look at Greece who have arrested huge numbers of arsonists and stated "we don't have a climate problem, we have an arsonist problem." From that point we can determine motive, which seems pretty obvious. Chasing long shots just let's people overlook the real purps, and that is exactly what they want. They get away with it and get to further label us as wackjobs.

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Yup, sit down, be quiet, and wait your turn. Great plan. Might ask all those in Russia, China, NK, Cuba, Cambodia..... how that worked out for them... oh yeah, you can't cause they were all murdered by the people they hoped would just go away on their own. And all the patriots scream about learning from history. Sad.

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Where's the fuckinf aclu!?! Really? Where the fuck is the American right? Where the fuck are the patriots? Where the fuck is every person who calls themselves maga? The shame is on you. This is your nation. These are people that stood up for you. Aclu my ass, they are only there for one reason. Evil prevails when good men do nothing. Here is the result.

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Two years of what? The flu? There was not going to be die offs, there was no risk of mass victims of covid falling dead like they predicted. I don't get this pov. People would have figured out nothing was happening when people weren't dropping dead in the streets 2 years in. If anything, the Vax made it worse imo. People started dying from the Vax and were blamed on covid, making it seem even worse than percieved. If there was no Vax for two to three years, I don't think covid would have been as big of a thing. Just saying.

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He's been a war monger for a long time. I liked him until he was screaming to bomb Iran during trumps term. Fuck neocon war pushers just as much as slobbering liberal zombies. Never liked Hannity and he has done nothing but solidify that opinion as well.

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Just ain't getting it are we? There is no winning an election again without fixing 2020. If we go into 2024 voting harder like a bunch of fucking idiots, we lose. Again. Sad part, people will be surprised. Again.

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Lol. Strike one. How shortterm memory fails the American public is amazing.

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Really, the major portion of 'republican' representation is composed of nevertruper deepstate agents who will never vote him in as speaker. McCrappy is shy what, like six votes? Shit, McCrappy even has Trump himself in his corner. The right is slipping into the same blind acceptance as the left, bouncing from pipe dream to pipedream, chasing perpetually moving goalposts on an infinite field. Sad part is at least the left gets to claim they were lied to, we take care of that part ourselves.

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Tomatoes are awesome, peppers are amazing, grew some red Serranos that were so freaking good! Collard greens are great, carrots are really good. Broccoli was excelent. Lettuce is about the only thing that tastes the same. Anyone got tips for keeping cilantro from going to seed? I got tons of seed (pastrami time!), but didn't get much leafy greens out of it.

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Oh yeah, where millions of people took to the streets to demand justice and accountability after they were robbed of the true election winner? Yeah, see, they realize that without massive, visible support of the people, nothing happens and you lose. Unless the American people wake the fuck up and fight... it's gone. Trump even fucking said it. Protest protest protest, but here we get banned for that same talk. Kinda makes one wonder.

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Who exactly in the military do you expect to lift a finger now? They entire leadership wears women's clothes and are more concerned with killing the entire military force of this country through vaccines and homosexuality, what exactly do you think they are going to do? Throw down their panties, remove their bras and transform into the heroic soldiers they were actually supposed to be?

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Trust Sessions, trust Wray, trust Barr, trust Durham. Well, so much for that shit.

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Completely reasonable. If they do this that would be the perfect time to stop them by destroying what they did decades after they did it. I'm no really smart person but this plan sounds much better than the people uniting and stopping this, along with the nuclear destruction of our planet, by stepping up and retaking our country from the evil that has permiated our government. You know, like the silly talk in our founding documents. If we stop them after they do it, well they would never suspect that kind of tactical strategy and we can catch them off guard! Win win, we get free vaccinations and overthrow the people we allowed to give us vaccines through mosquitoes by destroying the mosquitoes later! Think how sad they will be when they find out their plan worked but then someone stopped them afterwards!!! Nice!!!

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l gotta laugh. Pfizer will sell you a drug to fix the effects of the drug Pfizer sold you. Wasn't that like the first scene in Cheech and Chong's Up In Smoke? Here man, take this. Oh man, you didn't take that did you? Here take this.

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