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8kun, you’re going to have to lurk for a few years before you can post though

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Because GAW has turned into Reddit. You should have been here for the first 6 months of this sites existence, it was glorious. Real research was being done, real conversations were had. Unfortunately the people actually interested in discussion left at the same time as memes being stickied and silly videos of females bitching at their cameras in their cars started.

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The difference is it won’t be long until the Mexican people simply slaughter the American immigrants

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Excellent excellent point, a topic that deserves its own thread

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Good for you. I’m sorry you have to struggle the way you do, but you seem to have a good head on your shoulders and I wish you the best

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oh wait..you’re a (((redacted)))

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Here’s something I believe you wrote that I saved. Hope all is well brother

Racine, Wisconsin is the “Root” and model for Agenda 21 / 2030.

Racine is the global model for 5G+ AI, Smart Cities, Resilient Communities and Community Policing.

Racine is the model for the “17” goals of Sustainable Development that serve as the foundation for the Agenda.

Racine is the key subject that is most banned and censored from Voat, and has exposed the corrupt moderators of Pizzagate and Great Awakening in the process after being the key to closing Reddit Pizzagate and 8chan.

Anyone who agrees with or digs into Racine is targeted using a wide range of tactics from Rules for Radicals.

The event linked above was staged as a direct threat to use with surveillance systems to falsify hate speech agendas and target anyone who know too much, including the use of SnapTrends, Cellebrite and other methods and technologies.

Jesus Christ and the Truth do not hate anyone or any group. Love and Salvation is open to all people. Everyone has the chance to Repent.

Mayors and prominent community leaders were involved in extreme crimes including pedophilia and corruption.

Paul Ryan was involved in the Tarmac meeting and suddenly resigned at the peak of his career along with many other powerful players in the area over the course of a few years leading up to and just beyond The Deal for the 8th Wonder of the World.

Everything you have been told about The Deal is a lie. The key fake opposition media is Vox where the main editor is from. Where did Trump sign the Deal and who designed the building?

Trump and Q can Repent and share The Truth with the world. They have the backing of the military to protect them. Will they?

Racine is closely connected with the Underground Railroad and the FLW Trail. What was The Fellowship?

That 70’s Show was set in Racine featuring Red and Fez as main characters with a cast dominated by Scientology. There is a reason why Tom Hanks said “there’s no crying in baseball” after the outbreak, and a reason why he and others backed out of the League’s anniversary event. There is a reason why Trump closed The Deal for the 8th Wonder of the World from the public at the last minute. Many plans have been foiled to avoid exposing The Truth. There are many more connections that few know of including the Bushes, Clintons, McCain, Obama and elite power players.

Scientology, Unitarianism, FLDS, OTO, the Knights of Malta and Knights of Pythias, Boy Scouts and NASA are all closely connected with Racine and notables including Jack Parsons, Michael Aquino, the Snake Lady and Aleister Crowley.

Mitt Romney was the quarterback of the Racine “Normals” NFL team that later transitioned to Chicago, before going to Missouri and Arizona.

The I-94 Project was organized to control the human trafficking narrative with many groups and celebrities including John Legend, Seth Green, Ashton Kutcher, Mark Ruffalo, Susan Sarandon, P Diddy, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Tom Hanks, Madonna, Janine Lindemulder and many others. Elizabeth Smart became the key spokesperson for the group.

Warren Buffett acquired all area newspapers to control all information, and is closely connected with Seth Rich’s family who attended camp in Wisconsin growing up.

Racine is where the Podestas admitted to getting their big break into art and politics after meetings with prominent families.

The Podestas and many others travel to Racine frequently from Lake Forest up through Zion.

The Anon before Q was SenateAnon who said to “keep digging into Racine” before they went offline to never return.

Q never dug into Racine, nor the Knights of Pythias, nor Sustainability, nor the 8th Wonder of the World.

The Rothschilds live in Racine along with other extremely powerful families directly linked with Pizzagate.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s real name was Bauer, both which play an important role in the foundation of the community.

The Bauer family has ties to Weinstein, Emanuels, Podestas, Clintons, Scientology, the DNC and vampires.

They are grooming a young Russian adoptee to be the mayor for 2030.

George Webb Sweigert claimed to have met Jesus Christ in Racine who he said “had the drop on him”, where George was outed as a liar in front of Jenny Moore who did believe in Jesus Christ and The Truth when George did not. George deleted the ending of his video from 11/1 where he cursed Jesus Christ and Jenny Moore claiming he never wanted their help. He stayed at the hotel for nearly a year after her death only to check out the very day after his brother found The Truth in a Titus Frost chat. Dave was also very upset about the meeting in Racine that Jenny forced him into going.

Art in Embassies was started with families from Racine and is closely linked with Cornell University, Big Ten Universities and CERN. The hotel industry is also controlled for similar reasons, with a key location in Qatar. This is connected with Operation Paperclip and Operation Mockingbird.

The majority of the Majestic 12 were from the area connected with Admiral Byrd’s expeditions to Antarctica, ancient formations and civilizations and the Path of Souls.

Trump made The Deal with these same families for the 8th Wonder of the World which has been the biggest secret of all.

Trump, Bernie Sanders, Paul Ryan, the federal authorities, and many others all knew about Racine - this is partly the reason for the Tarmac meeting.

The recent Wisconsin election was rigged to pass a billion dollar referendum connected with community healthcare. They have effectively canceled the DNC convention in Milwaukee to rig the next election and to hide The Truth from the people.

The World Core Curriculum was established in Racine. This is the foundation for all global education.

Labor and prison labor reform, second chance programs, juvenile detention centers and other programs are all connected with a long history of systemic abuse. The real Agenda is Eternal Enslavement with the most prominent scientists and institutions involved. This is a key element to Epstein’s blackmail operations.

Jeff Epstein, Chuck Schumer, Anthony Weiner, Robert Byrd and many others are all connected with the Knights of Pythias and NXIVM.

The NXIVM doctor’s family lives in Racine and she practiced in New York and the Racine / Milwaukee area.

Major executives, politicians, businesses, NGOs, and groups involved all change yet the “Root” remains the same.

Prince Charles is the Sustainable Prince, and Racine is connected with the Pilgrims Society, Jesters, Committee of 300, Council of 13, Atlantic Council, Trilateral Commission, and a long list of other societies, foundations, PACs and institutions involved.

Sustainability is Satan’s Ability and the Great Deception to forge the Agenda beyond 21 and 2030 with the Mark of the Beast enforced by 5G+ AI, Smart Cities, Resilient Communities and Community Policing.

The Truth has been shared with all since the Beginning.

Jesus Christ and The Truth are the Only Way.

This is The Parousia.

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So sure of your assessment. Dual tipler sinusoid. Screenshot this for 2028. Christ IS king.

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Hey bro you left me hanging on the megathread we agreed to make. I linked you in the post I made and sent you a message and everything. That was pretty shitty of you.

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I think bracketed letters are markers.

One of President Trumps truths just used to bracketed [s] and there’s a q drop that says and I quote “We have the server[s]”

I also think this theory gives concrete meaning to future proves past.

I don’t follow all of President Trumps former tweets and truths but if we could comb them and look for the N and the C being used in succession then we’d really be on to something. Which is scary because that means we’re only half way to the storm

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Aarons story is as tragic as it is interesting. He was an actual visionary. Wait till you find the threads on spez being the who who OK’d his hit. Wait till you find info on spez being an actual cannibal (unrelated to Aaron)

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Always good to remind the glowies that they are indeed giant faggots. I feel like because we (and by we I mean all the awake forums and communities out there) joke around so much and make memes calling them faggots and trannies that it gets lost in the noise.

But it’s true feds and we really do mean it when we say you are faggots and trannies and (((REDACTED))) . It’s never too late to change, but for now it’s true, we really do despise you.

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Respectfully even you are taking the quote out of context.

“Diversity of thought is our strength” was the quote. They took out the most important part and made it about racial politics

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When it turns out to be nothing, both sides call for the dissolve of the FBI and the rank in file will walk right into an IRS office and get a job, 87000 new positions to open but they have not begun to hire. This isn’t about the papers it’s about the face of an organization changing the look and method while continuing the BS. It cant stop with the FBI the IRS has to go too.

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Either way I know what my lotto numbers are going to be

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Hey u/chickeninspector (nice pedo name by the way you sick fuck) what do you think of the song name on GEOTUS’s new TS post.

Cats may have been respectful but I’ll tell you to go fuck yourself any day of the week, eat crow you stupid POS

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Regular jews getting jewed by zionist jews

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She either needs to follow her heart or perhaps her heart has led her astray. It happens sometimes.

My wife, bless her, has always had an affinity with those rubber sticky arms, you know the ones you get in gumball machines? Anyway, last year we were in the theatres seeing some bourgeois movies can’t remember which one. She had wasted another toonie on one of those darn things and was swinging it around, teasing me and just being a general nuisance for a 33 year old lady. As fate would have it she mistakenly struck a wheelchair bound lady with it. It was embarrassing but the lady had a great sense of humour about it and the night proceeded normally afterwards. After the movie we got into my truck and went home, tucked the kids into bed and went into the garage where I beat her for embarrassing me in public. She hasn’t bought one of sticky arms since and our marriage has never been better.

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I just know in my heart they did. You can choose to believe it or not but I’m pretty much never wrong

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