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There's no reason not to say it was all fake. They're hiding the truth about it from us AND using it as an excuse to take our right to protect ourselves from us. That's all there is to it.

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Nawww no way, TOTALLY gotta trust the soyantists. After all, a LOT of people here still do. Folks don't question the virologist soyantists about how they "isolate" viruses to identify and prove they're the cause of something. It's because they're totally trustworthy right? Everything they say is good enough for people to believe they need to "isolate" (lol) themselves from family, friends, etc. It all must be true because EVERYONE already thinks it is right? There's not even a need to mention anything at all about how fishy it may be because "it's what we've always known" or someone is afraid of it or whatever other excuse one wants to come up with in order to avoid confronting a lie folks have believed their entire lives without ever asking why right? That's how it works right? And now this post has to get hit with a bunch of downvotes and kept clean of replies that use pure logic instead of hearsay to explain why it should be believed yeah? Right? Yeah?

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And you'll never be able to prove it. Nobody has so far. Not one single person has shown me anything that is actually scientific concerning "covid".

But you did show me that you didn't even read past the title of that link. Thank you.

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"Conjured out of thin air" isn't exactly the problem. The problem is the regulation of it is out of the people's hands and controlled exclusively by the elite. The people agreed to use dollars but they never agreed to keep printing more after they had what they needed. The politicians did because they are greedy. The money masters promised the politicians money that they didn't earn and that's all there is to it.

Anything can be used for currency. It's a representation of effort. It doesn't have to be gold etc. but it does have to be difficult or impossible to counterfeit so that the creation of it is limited to what is authorized by the people who agree there needs to be more in order to facilitate the trade of effort between them. This is what our government was and is supposed to be now but hasn't been for a long time.

Again I encourage everyone to watch The Money Masters by Bill Still.


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I'm not supposed to judge

This lie right here is exactly how we got into this situation. We absolutely should judge evil when we see it, especially when we see it within ourselves. Do not be a hypocrite but do not accept evil either because both of those actions are evil.

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Most people would immediately get to work on trying to recreate them. They are still conditioned to think they need to be in constant competition with each other. However, as they try to recreate corps again they will do so very quickly compared to the slow boil we've been under, and then... maybe they will learn...

My guess.

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Pssst, https://getsession.org/

Also https://odysee.com/@RobBraxmanTech:6

Use Session for talking to family and friends and don't take no for an answer.

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There's that word again, "programming". Makes me sick.

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For some reason they assume I'm liberal as well.

Gee I wonder why.

I wouldn't actively engage in conversations about politics because it does no good and won't change their mind.


The problem is you didn't speak up from the start. Now it's going to be more difficult, and will continue getting more difficult just as ALL problems do when they are ignored/delayed/procrastinated etc. These people are constantly surrounded by only these kinds of people because... you were never there.

You are absolutely correct, courage is the key. Evil ONLY wins when good people do nothing.

(obviously that does not mean you need to act like them i.e. start screaming everything)

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