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This is all true and I feel some comfort knowing our constitutional truth; however, the sheep will perceive the Amendments as truth. The predator elites will unleash another "virus" to solidify their new found powers. W.H.O. = China W.H.O = Bill Gates.

How many doctors were forced to accept the mandates and obey? Do no harm?

How many Hospital Administrations knowingly participated in fraud and obeyed?

Our institutions that we trusted, did not protect the people.

The "agreement" will not be worthless when a massive collusion of Global Treason is in place by the Predator Elites.

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With all the suppression taking place it is hard to follow. A month ago I could watch the practice trial they were engaged in, last week I could find almost nothing in the news except a threat against his life.

I watched every interview he and his team did as far as medical witnesses and learned a great deal of how much we are being lied to. The Cover-up is massive.

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WOW, wish we had men like him in every state. There are still not enough Americans of character willing to stand like this brave man. And if they are brave, they are just demoralized by years of government abuse with NO accountability.

I believe we have a window of opportunity to act; but that window is closing fast. We have corrupt law enforcement, corrupt FBI, and a corrupt DOJ, where are our heroes?

I have a feeling that the EU is just waiting for "an event" to happen in America so they can land on our soil and take over. Tense. Why do I think this? I have a friend in the UK, he said they live in a prison, an unspoken understanding of the totalitarian take over. He ask me to listen to the "Queen's speech" given by Charles. It is clear, the people are hurting, hungry and live in poverty and no one dares to say a word or they disappear. Media is the gatekeeper.

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Why do you think our Rino friends will not speak out or do anything to help us? They are all in it up to their eyeballs.

All the tax payer millions going to Ukraine is just laundered and returned to Biden and the uniparty.

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Looks like the cheating is going to continue thru the 2022 midterms. We are all asking ourselves WTF. Is it going to matter whether we vote? IDK, but we must keep trying to do the right thing.

NEVER give up, that is what they want! It is so damn frustrating, but good will win............... It must. Or my sons are going to be slaves. And my future grandchildren may not survive to realize a life fully lived.

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Money, Power, Technology and more can all be used to fight for our rights for freedom; to declare what is right, just and enlightening.

No man is perfect, we are all on a journey to make things better in this world or destroy it.

The Establishment, the Elites, and the Predatory Corporations loved Elon Musk; but now he is exposing them. What did he find out? Did we realize this censorship fight was a fight for our very voice? I didn't. Did we know it was truly a war with elite predators? I was not sure, but I now have NO DOUBT.

Elon Musk is calling out Soros' dark money. Soros is forcing advertisers to pressure Twitter with their dollars. 26 NGOs are encouraged to participate. (how many of the NGOs belong to Soros? How many belong to Obama? How many belong to the Clinton foundation, Teacher's Association and Unions?)

Musk is fighting against this mountain of evil who have done so much damage all over the world - and continue to do so. That makes him a good man in my book. And a brave one too. He must know what he is up against, right?

Biden's Homeland Disinformation Cartel assembled 2 days after Musk bought twitter because they are afraid of him, in fact, one day after Biden's HHS cartel assembled, a document came out from the EU and the international community regarding global internet governance called the "Declaration of the future of the Internet".

Once you read that document, it will show how much they want to shut Musk down, NOW. How much they want to SHUT US DOWN before their corruption is made known to the masses. Before we discuss 2000 Mules and the stolen election, before Durham's upcoming trial with Sussman exposes the lawlessness. And Durham's request for Clinton's emails regarding Russia, Russia, Russia. Maybe even expose the money laundering going through Ukraine?

Before the information gets out that Biden's administration "could have" secretly given away our US Sovereignty to the WHO? What have these crooks done during the "pandemic"? They don't want us to know, much less discuss it.

So my support is with Musk until he proves otherwise.

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No Arrests, No Accountability, Same old Shit year after year by the same criminals. Federal Gov is a cesspool of corruption.

Robert Mueller's scandals and murders

Waco Murders

Fast and Furious Gun murders with Holder and Obummer

Ruby Ridge murders

Harry Reid Corruption

Oklahoma murders

Benghazi murders

Finicum murder

EPA turned Colorado River toxic from copper mines

Cooper murder

Obummer Spying

Breitbart murder

Las Vegas Murders

9/11 murders

JFK murder

Pearl Harbor Murders

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Me thinks they are the testing ground for the new social credit system. Biometrics tracking = total government surveillance. The common people will not be able to resist. The Cartel, not so much.

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That is not a preacher, he is a Republican from North Carolina and won the Lt. Governor position. His name is Mark Robinson. Remember it, this man is going places b/c he is not afraid to stand up and speak his mind. A real jewel. A patriot. A truth teller.

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Henry, I agree. We must have a majority support, eyes opened and a realization of the overt evil surrounding us. There are some men's hearts that are on evil continually. To take away what another man has worked for.

If there is a Q, Q team or real fighting white hats that have an inkling of power, A MASS event should take place to awaken humanity before people are desensitized, don't care, or just lose interest. As many come aboard, many leave and call it quits. How long are you willing to wait? It has been 5 years of watching Trump and America first agenda crash and burn with no accountability.

There was a true sense of real hope and liberty running thru the veins of Americans in 2016 and it was short lived. A dagger was thrust thru the heart of everything we aspired America and humanity to be. The forgotten people were dragged behind the vehicle, still alive.

So, now do YOU want to wait 10 years or 20? Maybe 50 years for truth to be slowing leaked? And no one is punished for any of the crimes as revelations come to light? I predict within seven months we will be all but destroyed in many ways.

Some of us have been waiting a lifetime (since the Murder of JFK) to see the corruption dealt with legally. But instead, good men fighting the good fight continue to be arrested falsely and remain in jail to this very day.
Others have been murdered. More corruption is happening right under our noses, i.e. Jan 6 patriots with one murdered. Laws being slid inside thousands of pages and this is not criminal? In 1913 we were told only the wealthy will pay taxes, oops. Now again, we are being told only the Millionaires will pay 20% additional taxes. They LIE. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

You have a home that has appreciated in value? taxed. Do you or your family have a small farm? Taxed. Do you own raw land that you use as an investment against inflation? Taxed. Do you know of anyone that inherited a small family farm or house or property for the next generation to get ahead and struggle less? Taxed, except people don't have that kind of money just lying around and eventually, it will be confiscated by our government. This is what Dems do. They care nothing about people, only BIG government and their place in it. This legislation along with climate credits will be the last nail in our coffins. It is a full on assault of the American people (a rape). The real money is in the middle class and the top 1% of the 1% are coming for it. Period. Your generation and mine will be robbed and raped beyond what you thought possible.

So yes, a mass awakening needs to happen, but NOT at this pace. Because this pace is just business as usual. A method to keep us engaged, but complacent. What would it take for a man to wake up his fellow man? A COUNTRY ON FIRE, HUNGER, PAIN, ABUSE OF INNOCENT? Why do you think we are being censored? They know if we figure out that we can expose the atrocities thru these wires, it will be over. Yet here we sit with a tool and not use it to blast the truth across the planet.

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Henry, you are assuming people have a rock bottom, that is careless. You are also assuming addicts must want to change for it to happen, that my friend is also a mistake. A wise man once told me that most have no idea of how to change no matter how bad they want it. I did not understand this mindset either, at first. Now I do. Dealing with daily life is complicated, the human spirit is demoralized and trampled by the enemy (lack of justice or fairness). Peoples' emotions become paralyzed due to all the constant decisions one is confronted with without trying to anticipate and prepare for the next hypothetical crisis, no matter how extreme the catastrophe, people lose hope and lay around in their mud with no way out. This does not even take into account each Anon's individual hardships.

I have come to the conclusion that, just like Pearl Harbor, the truth will never be revealed, no one held accountable and the men at the leavers of power will only answer on Judgement day.

imissvoat has a valid point that should be addressed by his frens instead of shamed or discounted.

If we as a forum cannot unite here, how do we expect society to do so? It is all a rich man's trick.

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I am not minimizing what the progressives are trying to do by ANY means, but I was a horse until 5th grade. Only then did I begin to understand the difference in play and real. After that, there is hope for the children if you either remove the children from government schools or the teachers that are pushing this.

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We cannot rise or unite while the evil perps walk free to continue their assaults! SAD

The corporations are joined together to harm us

All systems and leaders are corrupted

Our patriots are still in the DC gulags

Day after day our voices are cancelled

Our paychecks robbed

Our children indoctrinated

Our borders open

Our medicine tainted and

Our laws manipulated

I obey God and keep his commands. This world belongs to Satan and soon it will become totalitarian.

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I listened to the audio of her defending General Flynn. She is a patriot and she is a great lawyer. I know nothing about him. I believe they have a lot of information on what has happened behind the curtain, but have very little proof to go forward with it. Only time will tell. It must be frustrating to know so much and can't do a thing with it. I hope the States stand up and fix those things regarding fair accurate elections or all is lost and it just will not matter. People are angry, but for now patient.

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Don't be deceived, Fink is actively forcing corporations, into forcing us, to accept the green agenda. And he has the clout to do it.

Endgame: He is trying to change the investing world into a simple metrics to streamline and control the grift using the fake climate change agenda. It is always about the love of money.

If We the people do not conform or comply, it will NOT work. That is why he is beginning with the cultural virtues of "Woke". Change the mind, change the truth, change the behaviors.

There is so much deception and so many lies. Little by little, lie by lie, the lines of morality, decency and virtue have moved in America. If you'd told me 50 years ago how different America would look today, I wouldn't have believed you.

I couldn't have fathomed America's abortion epidemic, wouldn't have thought I'd live in a country where hundreds of thousand of babies are terminated every year. Even though I wasn't a praying man, I was shocked when prayer was removed from schools nationwide, and I don't remember any pushback.

I'd never have imagined so much chaos, so many violent protests or mass shootings. And if you'd told me that in fifty years that marriage would no longer be defined as being between a man and a woman, I'd have called you INSANE.

The ENEMY of America's soul has come to steal, kill, and destroy. Literally. He has slicked us, convinced us generation by generation to take one step further away from the absolute truth of God. How has he done it? He's told us these ten lies:

  1. God is dead
  2. There is no Devil
  3. Truth is relative (her truth, his truth, they, thee, them)
  4. God did not create Life
  5. Sex is for self-gratification
  6. Morals are outdated and old fashioned
  7. Laws can be ignored or changed if they are inconvenient
  8. Unity is not possible with all this ethnicity
  9. Church participation and day-to-day life should be kept separate
  10. Christians should shut their traps (and we have)

If we can recognize these lies, it is really just simple; return to God. Live in HIS truth, the absolute truth.

  1. The God of the Bible is not dead and NEVER will be
  2. The Devil of the Bible is not dead and NEVER will be
  3. There is absolute truth and it comes from God
  4. God is the Author of life and he wants to fulfill it
  5. God created sexuality for his purposes and our good
  6. God's standard for all time is the standard of virtue
  7. Law and order come from the Word of God
  8. Unity flows from a God-centered culture
  9. The church is God's presence in the day-to-day world, keeping the world from becoming hell on earth and
  10. God's people are his prophetic voice in the world.

These truths aren't just powerful in word. And if we stay true to them, they'll set us free! Be a FREE MAN!

This, I suppose, brings me to the ultimate truth: The Almighty loves you, me and the rest of America. He loves us so much, he sent Jesus to earth to teach us that perfect truth, to live a sinless life, and to conquer sin and death. What's more, he clearly communicated the story of Jesus through the scriptures. From Genesis to Malachi, the Almighty told us to pay attention because Jesus - the Savior of the world - was coming.

From Matthew to John, the writer told us to pay attention because Christ had come.

In Acts through Revelation, the writers remined us that Christ is coming again and when he comes, he'll honor those who've honored him and punish those who've fallen for the evil one's lies.

There WILL BE a judgement day and a man must know where he stands before he can help others see truth. Then teach others. Teach the younger generation that they can go to a quite place and talk to God. Ask for forgiveness for every bad thing they've done, said, and thought. Ask God to replace the bad heart with a new spiritual heart which changes you forever. And no man can remove what God has placed inside you. EVER.

You begin to look at things differently, say things in a new way. Think about good things and help people - love people. You will be a "baby" in the faith. So read your Bible to gain understanding and strength. Talk to God regularly. Grow to be a mighty warrior, and put on the Armor and fight the good fight.

Most of what I shared with you is from "Your Daily Phil" by Phil Robertson. Yes the duck dynasty guy. A river rat. You see, I came to this forum about two weeks ago ready to give up, demoralized by the onslaught of society. The hate, the fighting, the lies on MSM, the political class not being held accountable for their atrocities which continue day in and day out.

I shared how defeated I felt and I received nothing by LOVE from my fellow Anons. I have to tell you, I was very surprised. But most importantly I was lifted up by you all and Grateful, very grateful for the life-line. Thank you. I got off the forum for a while to rest. Prayed more and found this new book and I thought, if God can use this river rat, then maybe there is hope for me. It is fantastic. God bless you all.

Remember: The Evil Globalist will NEVER EVER STOP. And neither will we. Renew your mind in God's truth.

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There are a great deal of our countrymen who are forever lost, who believe in the good of those institutions due to the corruption of the media. Soon, poverty will render them voiceless.

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The Awakening may take much longer than we hoped. Massive amounts of people do not want to know. It is their choice, but it affects the rest of us.

Some look at me and just walk away. Others say the quite part out loud, Ignorance is bliss. And a smaller population are just plain tired of the bullshit.

Everyone is exhausted mentally as evil laps at their door, but they have no peace even inside their homes.

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No deals

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According to PuffinStuff: https://vid8.poal.co/user/Puffinstuff/thMxfsS

Russia is trying to capture Ukraine with little disruptions or casualties.

Russia is moving quickly thru Ukraine only hitting military targets being careful not to hurt civilians or infrastructure. (Electricity, internet, water, cell phones). Specifically, Russia is trying to capture the Ukraine military (Army).

Putin wants to bring Ukraine back under Conservative leadership (Pro Putin beliefs) opposed to the current one which is extremely liberal and anti-conservative.

Puffinstuff says the West are being goated into misunderstanding what is happening (Russia, Russia, Russia)

According to PuffinStuff the Ukraine’s Zelensky government is evil. Handing out guns to civilians who have no idea how to use them against professional Russian soldiers; therefore, becoming martyrs. He is trying to teach the civilians to use “heavy weapons” and do so inside of dense populations; therefore creating photo ops.

Puffinstuff also says that the Zelensky Government is forcing 18 – 60 year old men into the Ukrainian Army creating large numbers of refugees fleeing to avoid this mandate. It appears President Zelensky is the same type of liberal as Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada. However, Zelensky has the full weight of the Western Fake News Media on their side. Looks like Americans are being lied to again. It is hard to tell any more.

The Reason Putin wants to bring Russian leadership back into Ukraine has to do with Nato’s overreaching which has been using a liberal agenda for the overreach. You know the one…… NWO, Agenda 2030, the Great Reset.

Putin knows what they are trying to do to his motherland and his people and he is fighting back. I'm not sure if he can be successful against such an evil force without going full nuclear. That may be what the evil elites want as they crawl into their bunkers.

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What about the torture of the J/6 patriots? Are they just collateral damage along with Assange? He has direct evidence that Russia did NOT hack the DNC and has been wanting to provide evidence. How many more have sacrificed? And how many more will loose everything in trying to expose communism?

Which brings us to the forth branch of the government? The Intelligence community -- CIA, FBI, DOJ, ODNI, etc. etc, all have a vested self-interest to maintain the Russia, Russia, Russia lies? What about how a president (Obama) has destroyed how our oversight works between the IC and the Gang of Eight? Everything was destroyed before Trump ever went into office. Congress also brushed aside the corruption and chose the "Get Trump" agenda.

In Comey's own words “The White House was informed through the National Security Council,” (the NSC). A direct admission that Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, was totally informed of the intelligence operation(s) against Donald Trump. Again, the implications were ignored!

What is the most infuriating is that Obama's Administration is still in the White house. NO ONE has been held accountable, no one has been arrested; IN FACT, the same people, THE SAME DAMN PEOPLE continue to inflict PAIN on us as they sit in all branches of Government.

How many more will be caught up in the collateral damage and suffer for generations? We are so tired of this shit, the lies, the corruption, Antifa, BLM, the indoctrination, the media, pedophilia, the IC, DC, the Democrats, The taxes, the inflation and the filth inside our culture!

These believers of Marxism (Traitors) MUST be executed "for the greater good" and for National Security.

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This is an exercise in futility. I am a realist. 80M ppl could make a difference if they acted in unison, but they won't. Admit it, an election was stolen from the people, we have been divided by Politicians, manipulated by media and sicken by Pharma. For the most part Americas are soft and uninformed. Our military is weak, underfunded and obsolete. We are being beaten by a system put in place after 9/11. Those that control the system are immoral. IMO, destruction is coming. What we are dealing with is a communist movement intent on finishing the fundamental transformation of our nation promised by Barack Obama. No one was ever going to be arrested or held accountable. The entirety of our Republic is compromised in some controlling manner. No one can declassify, or make public, anything the Intelligence Branch will not agree to. Doubt this? Ask Ric Grenell, John Ratcliffe, or even President Trump himself.

There is only one way...

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