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That's fine. Happy to keep conversing if ya want but my main focus is to call out dogmatic thinking where I see it. The #1 source of this on these boards is Christianity that hasn't questioned itself with the same rigorous standards it uses for the politicians, journalists, doctors, and scientists.

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If this isn't a prime example of brainwashing, I don't know what is...

Hitler DID "preach the gospel." https://www.truthcontrol.com/files/truthcontrol/images/4108.jpg

The church welcomed him http://thinktheology.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/nazichurch.jpg

And adopted Nazism. http://www.illiteratewithdrawal.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/priests-salute.jpg

I know you're going to say that was a fluke, it was the German church, the Catholic church, it was back then.

Excuses. The American church has allowed millions of babies to be sacrificed through abortion.

In many ways, Christians are weak and full of self righteous pride. This makes them easy to deceive. They are hypocrites that hide behind their bible verses vs dealing with reality.

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I mean, Christians are very brainwashed and its super obvious to every side. So they will always quite the bible and pray and act religious so they can manipulate your belief system to get you to do what they want.

It's like watching people get their 4th vax shot, just because the government told them do and the government wouldn't lie. Except in this case, everybody is using the bibles reputation instead of the government's reputation because they know you're already fully bought in.

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Not sure what that means? Contesting?

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Because they quote the Bible and appeal to your Christian values? Pretty sure Biden, Obama, and Clinton do that too.

Remember how Trump said "two Corinthians?"

There are certainly Christians within the Q movement. But don't assume the Q movement is Christian.

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A great place to start is the Decoding Symbols blog. He does a good job of demonstrating this. https://decodingsymbols.wordpress.com

You could read Pierre Sabak as well. Very dense material, but eye opening about how these symbols are embedded in ALL languages and evolve over the years. Turns everything you know inside out.

Jordan Maxwell is the gateway drug. He does a good job of showing wordplay and keeping things interesting. That's where I started.

I did these, but in reverse order :)

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All coded comms require triangulation. You can't read signs in a single source, you need to confirm with multiple independent sources.

This is what makes it so effective.

Source combinations change over time. Pattern is way too complex to present in court without a highly educated jury.

Same as stock patterns.

Everything is algorithmic and coded. Easy to read if you have the key. Impossible to decipher if you're a normie.

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Deep! Excellent comment, that's exactly right on many levels. This is why I browse GAW, just so I can occasionally see stuff like this :)

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Correct. They are being divisive to try stir up tensions and get people violent.

Both sides are in on it. The left with the way over the top lying.

The right with toeing the line on calls to violence. Concealed just enough to get the "angry rednecks" up in arms.

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So does Biden, Obama, the Clinton's, etc...

They (all sides) are leveraging a belief system held by millions to communicate their message. It's an effective way to communicate and influence perception. Much more effective than trying to tell the full truth.

In fact, Q also says the truth would put 99% in the hospital. Did you think that just meant COVID or political corruption? It goes much deeper than that.

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I usually get annoyed by bible stuff on this board...but you nailed it. Nice work.

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He's a Mason. He's in on it. This isn't ignorance, it's propaganda, he's just doing his job and serving his true masters.

Really sad, I used to like the guy but...fuck him

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Great comment, I totally agree.

The Bible is Roman propaganda and ancient Phonecian/Aryan spell book full of sex magic.

History is a lie, physics is a lie, etc...

Nice to see somebody else on here piercing the veil beyond just political red pill stuff.

By "Lord," I meant master. As in, which path will you follow. And in that context, Christ and Lucifer are merely symbols for light and dark, service to self and services to others.

The story of Jesus is one of many archetypal stories that has simply rearranged many elements of astrotheology into a seemingly unique tale.

I think the Bible is a story of a massive war between not just good and evil, but between many factions of gray, all trying to control its interpretation to leverage the huge power structure that is organized religion.

Ok, that was kind of rambling. But great comment, that was refreshing!

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Lucifer and Christ are both the "morning star."

These are metaphors for the sun inside astrotheology, which is the grandaddy of all religions. Christ represents the risen sun (day), Lucifer the fallen sun (night).

This all represents you, the individual, and the choices you make. Will you do good or evil? Which path do you follow? Who do you worship? Who is your Lord?

An easy framework for thinking about these choices would be service to self vs service to others. The cabal serves Lucifer on the path of service to self, so they focus on being as selfish as possible and doing whatever they want at the expense of others.

Service to self means taking from others so you can have more. It isn't a scalable path, which is why they deceive the masses. They need to feed of the people, they can't share or there will be less for them.

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The problem is, coming isn't rational. It's emotional.

These people are overwhelmed by emotion and actually beef to vent, but it's just toxic. But sure how to solve it other than giving them time to realize the works isn't falling apart but very much looks like it.

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Our voting system is important, but not nearly as important as an awake populace.

There are already mountains of undeniable evidence that voter fraud occurred. It's shocking how much well documented research there is about this, actual video footage of hours being switched, thousands of sworn testimonies, etc...

And yet...

For those who are asleep, none of this matters. So the pain must come first.

Voting will solve itself when the people are awake.

That said, definitely pursue any topic you find interesting and get involved. We are rebuilding everything and taking over our institutions from the ground up. It's important to be part of this process.

I'm focused on helping people build businesses to fight on the economic front. The voting front is another great battleground, lots of incredible work is happening.

But ultimately, prepare for a nasty few months as people continue to wake folks up until we hit critical mass.

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Biden was installed. A majority of the country either believed it or is willing to play along.

As a result, he is in control...in people's minds. They behave as if he's in control.

We are in devolution. That means Biden isn't in full control. However, most people don't know this and act as if he is.

The point of this process is to wake people up to their own stupidity. As long as they keep letting bad people control them, it's pointless to "save them" from one specific bad person.

The point is to save them from evil. That starts by saving them from themselves - their own ignorance and sheep like behavior.

Until the people wake up, there can be no lasting solution. The enemy is extremely crafty, this will keep happening until the populace at large has been educated.

That means the citizens, the military, the civil servants, etc... Everybody needs to wake up.

People are extremely resistant to change. They are unwilling to admit they are wrong. The only way to change a person effectively is through pain.

This process is about creating unbearable levels of pain in the citizens. Trump and the military are not creating this pain. The citizens are doing this to themselves through their own ignorance and laziness.

Trump and the military are providing a path out. But the citizens must take it.

If you've been watching, you'll notice that people are waking up like crazy. They may be hopeless, angry, confused, sad, etc... But they are now awake.

As they wake up, they go through a process or reorientation. They begin to understand what's happening. Then they realize it's their responsibility to tell their friends and fight back in any way they can.

As this process continues, Trump and the military will gain the legal, moral, and popular authority to do what's needed to be done. In fact, the people will demand it. They must demand it, otherwise it won't be consensual and could lead to violence and division.

Expect this to take longer. Expect this to get much scarier for a period. People are dumb, it's going to get really painful here as far as I can tell to get them all the way over the edge.

But keep watching, because the solution is already unfolding and gaining steam. We've already won and you can see that if you look at the big picture. If you look at the details, you will be confused and feel helpless.

PS - By military, I mean the devolution command chain. Most have no idea what's happening, they are just following orders as they have been taught to do. And devolution is allowing this to play out because it is a necessary process. People are sovereign, they have the right to hurt themselves and be uninformed. This is how the good guys operate, it's painful but it's better than tyranny. It requires us to wake up and take responsibility.

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If this happens, get ready for the doomers to lose their minds in fear as well.

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Local butchers and farmers. Food is 3x better, often times at a very similar price.

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