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Hahaha! This is fantastic! One of my kids wrote a mock bill proposing this very thing at a state government camp years ago.

See the beauty of placing the oversight of schools back with the states? Lots more of this!

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I searched for I in brackets (kill box?) since it's the first letter that's incorrect. Check it out...


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We should support school choice without supporting School Choice. Vouchers and ESAs are a government-funded back door into taking control of our private institutions and homeschools.

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I'm not sure why this has been up for 6 hours and no one has searched the drops for the word "brink." Drop 4121 shows up in the search results though it does appear to have the word BRINK in it like the other results do. Seems pertinent.


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Not the Bee forgot to mention all fathers of whom 99.7% say they have not been in the shower with their daughters.

NtB also forgot to mention the 99.9% of mothers who would end the fathers who do so.

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They were just spelling it how they pronounce it.

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This is patently untrue. Please search the drops for yourself. 04/06, 04/07, and 04/08 all have drops.

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This. Trump has been effective because he's a businessman first. He's never been a politician.

Who are the business leaders who protected their companies during COVID, are outspoken about America First policies, and are somewhat well-known?

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Hi, Latin student here x 8 years, but just to be sure, I pulled out my Latin dictionary (like, a physical copy). Kelo is not a Latin verb, and nic is not a Latin pronoun.

There's enough legitimate evil these people are guilty of for us never to need to make things up.

Also, who still uses Google for anything?

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I will say, MSM has started reporting more truth. It's almost surreal to see, too.

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I ended up on his email list after contacting his office about some piece of stupid legislation he was supporting. I unsuccessfully tried unsubscribing to his emails on a weekly basis for several months before I finally filed a report with the IN Attorney General concerning his business practices. The emails stopped a short while after that.

This guy does NOT reflect IN values.

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If they could legislate redirection of the funds, they could legislate not taking the funds.

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That's not accurate.

We're a basket of deplorables.

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