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They will claim the sun can knock out our internet but fact check that solar flares are driving climate fluctuations then shove green house gas climate change into our faces nonstop. Looking at you, Al Gore

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My understanding of the impending economic collapse is that once the heavily manipulated fiat system is pushed to the brink and collapses it can either go one of two ways. Great reset, the NWO happens. Or trump and the good guys use it to reinstate a gold backed money system that isn't so easily fudged. The positive would be returning back to the gold standard. I'm filled with dread too because when it collapses it will be hard times for all and will take time to fix/replace. If you haven't already, buy silver (I like money metals exchange they deliver fast). It is heavily suppressed in price because it is used alot in manufacturing and has a true value somewhere around gold.

Edit: crypto is secure too. Find a good one, I personally invest mostly in theta which focuses on video sharing. I don't think there's anyway around the economic collapse. Just depends on who's driving the ship and that will be Q

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I follow Q alot deeper than just this site and I think this post is bullshit. Just some guy making things up inciting date fagging hopium. Edit: if you have any questions, ask me and I'll do my best to answer them. And I won't be a demeaning asshole.

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Nice. Glad we are doing this now. I was recently researching Q proofs and suicide weekend is thought to be when that guy offed himself infront of the white house. Also BDT (blunt and direct time) tied into Bangladeshi taka (their currency) but I can't remember exactly how.

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The texture of the paste is the hardest to stomach

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I don't know about you, but scripture on packaging that is read by many people who live lives with no gospel exposure seems like a positive impact to me. Some people are bound to be convicted by it, even if most just brush it off