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Another thought:

11.3 was the date of Election Day in 2020. Just an observation.
Double, triple meanings DO exist. This comm from Fox News is definitely not a coincidence. News unlocks. Proofs begin.

LET’S GOOOOO!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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💥💥💥 BOOM 💥💥💥

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Simple gematria:

Tenfour=99 Evergrande=99

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Because THIS particular issue is NOT about “censorship.”

Also, I find use of phrase “censoring, of any kind” lacking a certain sense of appropriate discernment and overly broad.

This is about the adults who MUST reserve the right and responsibility to protect the children. Their young and innocent minds are not yet developed and able to discern when their online games have a corrupt, intentional deep state depopulation and societal chaos agenda, so it must be removed to protect the children. They will learn the ways of the world soon enough.

Please, do not conflate PROTECTING THE CHILDREN with the crime of State controlled mass media censorship of truth.

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Seems like the elites cash flow crisis is really happening as they look to own Canada 🇨🇦. Feels like desperation even though an extension of the October 16 debt ceiling date will most likely happen. But as the covid excuse for world domination starts wearing thin, the cracks in their armor will become more obvious.

Controlled collapse. Now this is a fucking show down.

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Watch the clip at 11 sec. in. 🤣🤣🤣 America under Biden🤣🤣🤣!

by Quelle
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I’m also thinking Red October represents a time where a fuller exposure happens of the corrupt, elite pedophiles who themselves forced the children they captured to run away from them so they (elites) could literally go hunting for them, and then abuse them.

So “the hunt” part is being dropped because the elite “hunters” have now themselves been hunted down and taken out.

Trust the plan.

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“ The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb” meaning your agreement with god is more in alignment with your truth than an obligation you may feel to your family…

Holy smokes, that is mad awesomeness right there. Thank you.

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I still think they will want to have Biden mostly hidden and keep the public in fear and use the excuse that Biden got covid. They can say look, he’s so sick, you should go get the vax, wear two masks, stay at home, blame the unvaxxed, stay afraid.

Just sayin…

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Loss of taste and smell are also symptoms of radiation poisoning which has reportedly been happening (particularly in Wuhan) due to those nanoparticles being inserted in the body and their interaction with dangerous levels of 5G EMF. Radiation poisoning causes symptoms similar to covid symptoms.

That is not coincidental.

Sauce in comments below.

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Although OP shouldn’t take medical advice from him, the fact that he repeatedly praises himself for having paid off big pharma to release the vax early while failing to acknowledge alternative treatments, such as ivermectin, that have now been fully vetted and used to great effect all over the world is unbelievable.

Meanwhile, he is still patting himself on the back on Fox news for the kill shot, without any mention of alternatives, just days after Biden literally “mandated” the unsafe, experimental shot for the entire country. WTF?!?

Trump honestly seems totally unaware of the devastating societal implications, jobs lost, families divided, etc…due to the media and the medical industrial complex brainwashing people about the absolute necessity of the vax while manipulating and censoring information about positive results from alternative treatments.

Some individuals in his circle must be aware of the depth of the ongoing confusion and apprehension about the vax and the tone deaf quality of his repeated comments on this issue. That no one has clued him in on this and simply watches while he gets booed at rallies and laughed at by msm giving him the opportunity to dig in deeper and deeper cannot be accidental. Imho, if they were planning on running him again, this stupidity wouldn’t be happening.

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I’m glad you’re awake and you realize we won. But, statistics and global population reality doesn’t seem to support your optimism. Not yet, anyway. But hopefully we’re getting closer.

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Just because we don’t have more sauce doesn’t make it not true. Use your discernment. Is he guilty? Yes, we all know he is. And OP here are not military tribunal lawyers or experts. Everyone who may know anything is under an NDA. This is information war.

Imo, it is absolutely true. Getting more back up will take some time.

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The vax was always intended to be THE DEPOPULATION BIOWEAPON.

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Supposedly 4-6% of the population will just never be able to accept the truth about the evil we have been and are still facing—no matter how much credible information is declassified or put before them. This unfortunate fact that this is happening is due to decades of massive and successful msm brainwashing, cognitive dissonance, etc.

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