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SS: A new CDC whistleblower comes forward to expose the shenanigans that are being used to suppress information about the link between vaccines and autism. She was retaliated against (FIRED) and subsequently sued her former employer. She's won one of the cases and has another one pending. As expected, TPTB are trying to shut her up.

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note how every link is dead. they killed this NEW CDC WHISTLEBLOWER story before it ever got traction online.


they have even kept this off twitter.


the other CDC whistleblower, Dr William Thompson, would like you to know, that vaccines cause tics, and that tics are highly associated with autism. he wants you to start a public awareness campaign, to bring attention to the fact that vaccines cause tics. He says to go with "vaccines cause tics", because tics are not as controversial as autism, but if you can use tics as a backdoor red pill.