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Sounds like blasphemy to your ears? Probably. But hey, I am a devils advocate, here to make a statement for you all to ponder for today:

The McCarthy-Biden Debt Ceiling deal is not as bad as they (the Conservative/MAGA influencers and personalities) say.

I have been monitoring my Truth Social feeds all week long ever since the deal was first announced. Everyone is upset and very angry. However, within the noise, there is an interesting data point that practically everyone else is ignoring for some strange reason:


President Donald J. Trump did not make a single word about the deal at all ever since it was first announced over one-hundred hours ago. You would think that, with a deal supposedly this bad, Trump would be blasting the deal all over his Truth Social account. But, that did not happen. Over one-hundred hours and not a peep about the deal. Instead, he used all of that time to blast DeSantis and being in campaign mode.

Adding to all of this is that there are rumors (I was not able to confirm them as of time of writing) that Trump verbally praised McCarthy for his hard work.

Another minor but significant data point that stick out like a sore thumb is Rep Lauren Boebert. She did not vote at all on the deal, despite vocal opposition to the deal. Kind of odd don't you think. Maybe Trump gave her marching orders.

Based on all of this, I have long arrived at the conclusion that Trump is probably taking action behind the scenes to reduce the severity of the bill while racking up a few wins for ourselves. The logical follow-up is that the current McCarthy-Biden Debt Ceiling deal is probably not as bad as the influencers and personalities say. The specific details are unknown to me as of the time of writing, but I have faith Trump will deliver...