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As a gay frog, that rainbow flag feels like a punch to the gut. It represents so much that I don't stand for.

I want to reclaim it. Not for me, but for freedom, for everyone.

It's time we start reclaiming the symbols and language they stole.

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This is an excellent resource to have, thank you!

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And just like that, I think we're going to see the extinction of the closet Trump supporter. Time for everyone to be loud and proud.

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I've been seeing this more lately everywhere in Reddit.

All the sudden, everyone who said "everything is political" are now saying "why does everyone make everything political"?

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Reddit is interesting right now. A lot of open support for Trump in comments, but also a lot of highly defensive leftists mentally gymnasticizing it as being Trump's fault, or MAGA's fault, or someone being justified... for their side being violent in the way they claim Trump's side is.

I can practically feel their brains oozing with internal discord, and I think another large scale awakening is in the making... but man, does it look pathetic from the outside.

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Well put, and I agree.

Additionally, the country (and world) need to see the media lying, manipulating, planning, and backtracking, right in front of them.

They're starting to, with the sudden about-face on Biden's cognition, and the infighting within the party and the messy reporting around it.

But we need more. This requires time -- people are just starting to see it, but it needs to continue and hit a higher pitch before the true, full mass awakening against the media.

If we have a lying media and gullible public consuming it, then our victory will be limited. But if the country becomes as wise to the media and their manipulation as we are, then truth can prevail far beyond Trump's four years and even his appointed successor's leadership after that.

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You're 100% correct!

And yet, the mug shot will always have a place in my heart as my personal favorite Trump photo.

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I hope this is part of the show, because this is terrifying.

Dear Father, please protect Donald Trump and this country. Please let good and freedom prevail, and please be with this brave man who is putting his life on the line for us.

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To be fair, this technically doesn’t mean it’s not a fascist plot to take over America. It just means that Q was right again. 😆


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100%. Never forgot how many right wingers are protecting themselves from Trump.

Never forget how many of them turned against Trump at the drop of a hat over the course of his term and especially during J6.

Never forget how many Republicans publicly pretend to be an ally and then vote and act against us.

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Well, clearly this isn’t happening organically. And it has very little to do with the debate, considering every single public figure calling to replace Biden knew damn well he wasn’t capable already.

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Reddit turned, virtually overnight, to be inundated with posts about “Trump’s Project 2025” in all major subs.

Loading the Bing homepage autofilled “Project 2025” as the suggestion for Copilot.

That couldn’t have happened organically.

This is part of the play — keep attention off Biden’s failings and any replacement that may or may not come to fruition, and focus on a pile of bogus claims to leave people scared that Trump will turn the country into a Muslim-style theocracy.

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They don’t need non-citizens to actually vote, though.

At most, they only need non-citizens to provide cover for the fact that, in order to cheat enough to win, they need more total votes than there are registered voters.

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Wow, I didn’t expect to see this. Every time she posted or commented, it was insightful, informative, or otherwise worth reading.

She was a very smart woman for sure, and the world — not just us here, but the world — lost a great mind and soul in her.

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Not to sound too hopium-addicted, but Pence may have been necessary to illustrate the plan and expose an enemy.

If the same thing happens twice, I’ll be accepting of Trump using this as a strategy to keep enemies closer.

But I, too, hope we’re beyond that, and can have someone actually on his side this time.

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Ben is amazing, he’d be a great president in an alternate universe where we weren’t at war with the media and deep state. Maybe some day, after the swamp has been drained.

But he’s too soft spoken and nice for where we are now.

At one point, somebody here posted the notion that we need a VP who is uncancellable. Who won’t spend their days defending against media bullshit.

I think Ron Paul fits that bill very nicely.

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Well said.

Ultimately, they are victims of the programming we’re fighting.

It sucks that it often causes them to be mean and vile to us, but that’s because the programming done to them was so strong.

She thought she was doing the right thing. She basically just found out that one of the gods she served is a lie. That can be devastating.

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It’s funny how “think of the immunocompromised” didn’t actually mean “think of the immunocompromised”.

Because when they are presented with alternate options and asked, themselves, to do something extra “for the immunocompromised”, suddenly they disappear. 😆

Of course what it really meant was “please support the current thing”. When “the current thing” was masks, then whether they helped the immunocompromised or not, and whether there were better options available or not, was entirely irrelevant.

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Many good points that I hadn’t connected or considered, but one core theme that he says in multiple ways:

All of which is to say, it matters far less WHAT the establishment does in the wake of Joe Biden's disastrous debate performance, and far more that the Collective Mind sees them doing it.

…in a Mind War, you don’t need enemy psychological combatants to adopt your paradigm in order to destabilize the old one.

So, as you continue to watch an Establishment System turn in on the very Establishment Regime they propped up in the first place, worry less on any number of spider-webbed outcomes or Actual strands and pathways the story charts en route to its inevitable destination, and ruminate more so on the fact that the web itself is currently illuminated

Basically, it’s ok if normies aren’t fully on board with Trump yet. Far more important, is that they are finally starting to see the facade that’s been deceiving them, with their own eyes.

There are MANY other great thoughts connected together in the article though.

Anons, do yourself a favor and read it - push through the first few paragraphs and I think you will find lots of reason to be excited.

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Exactly right. Most (all?) states, but particularly these three, didn’t seem to care about their laws or Constitution one bit during COVID, allowing the 2020 steal to happen.

I highly doubt they will concern themselves with this.

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I keep coming back to this too.

Biden has been an angry, mean, racist, lecherous and incompetent person since the moment he entered politics.

Biden has been a slurring, meandering, frail mess since before he announced he was running for President, and it’s only gotten worse.

None of this is new. The media has known, and covered up, this fact from the moment Biden ran opposite Trump in 2020.

So this shock and surprise cannot possibly be genuine. Amongst normies? Maybe. But the media? Not a chance.

This is narrative setup, all the way.

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This is exactly what bothered me, too. Trump’s performance was great… for anyone who already knows and loves him. Not so much for those who despise him based on fake media outrage.

Trump had several great opportunities to clear up much of the disinformation people have about him.

He seized some of these opportunities, such as the lie that Trump called soldiers “suckers and losers”, by appealing to logic and reason (“how does that even make sense, and where is the corroborating evidence?”).

Federally banning birth control pills was tackled head on as a state’s rights issue that is being handled by the courts, and Trump has made no such move to ban Federally.

But in too many other instances, Biden tee’d Trump up to refute media disinformation with similar appeals to logic and facts, and Trump whisked past them as though his audience already knew the details.

“Good people on both sides” wasn’t explained as the unifying statement it was meant to be, appealing to the fact that there were ordinary citizens protesting both in favor of and against a statue.

His immigration plan wasn’t explained as respecting the legal process and protecting controlled, legal immigration while getting rid of the criminals and gangs.

His economic policies weren’t explained for empowering normal citizens the way we know they do. Economically, most of the focus was on how poor things are under Biden, not how much better they were under Trump.

He conducted himself well, rarely appeared too aggressive, and presented himself as a leader. But he didn’t do enough to speak to the people who only know him via CNN banter.

Frankly, he does a better job speaking to outsiders at his rallies, taking more time to show himself as the funny, kind, enigmatic, and prescient leader he is. This was his opportunity to show the country this side of him, and instead we saw… a guy that seems Presidential and better than Biden.

Which is… fine. But I want the country to realize that Trump isn’t just a tolerable leader, or a lesser of two evils. I want them to realize he’s a great leader, and exactly what we need. This was his last chance to do that pre-election, and it didn’t land that way.

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I’m confused about this as well.

My best guess is that either CNN producers or the White House believe there will be an emergency, and thus want to keep reporters away so they can’t cover it.

If that’s the case, it’s trickery to cover for Biden.

But if it’s the reporters who believe an emergency will happen, then that smells like trickery to attack Trump.

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The problem, for the left, with many Black communities and Hispanic communities, is that unlike cucked white suburbia, these communities will actually talk more openly about who they are voting for with each other, and more importantly, what their polling situation is like.

In other words, they’re going to be in a more open position to do the math and realize it doesn’t add up when they all go vote for Trump and see results showing a Biden win in their area.

And, IMO, this is exactly what needs to happen for this country to wake tf up.

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Her popularity was huge with the public, but the media hated her. I distinctly recall NYT and NPR hate articles written about her then famously apolitical persona and supposed Black appropriation.

That all stopped the moment she endorsed Democrats.

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