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I am absolutely heartbroken for you, but I am glad you got that precious time with him while he was here in earth and know you will see him again in heaven. Will be praying for you and your wife.

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Dang straight! Also charge your battery 😂

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Seriously the best show. Recommend that everyone watch it.

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I wonder how I can talk you out of ever making that face again… https://tenor.com/yvtg.gif

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Same here, only I think they were both a year apart. Also, both times were after coming into close contact with an out of state vaccinated person… sure does make me want to believe the whole “vaccine shedding” theory.

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I agree but I think that’s hard for these athletes to do. Many of them have been working towards this goal long before all this crap started happening and the window of time where you peak as an athlete is relatively short. I don’t blame them for wanting to at least compete, for themselves if nothing else.

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Biggest crime is that font

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Seems like the perfect money laundering opportunity. Wouldn’t put it past the state

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More like did it to them. Higher education seals in the brainwashing and stupidity

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Win-win because if they aren’t having sex, no need to ever get an abortion… problem solved!

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They want us to think we’re the minority. Also emboldens the left because they feel like everyone agrees with them.

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I think they leaked this to start riots and try to pressure SCOTUS to change the votes. So wrong. I pray they hold strong and we end this evil in our country once and for all.

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How much do you want to bet that the number of followers lost from Dem accounts equals 1.9M

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Just prayed! You’re good to be looking out for him and you’re seeking help from the right person (God)

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