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They probably don't even need to actually use a real warhead. Use the mainstream media to all simultaneously report one took place and then use pre taped fake footage like the stuff used during c19. Viola ff

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I believe it is somehow subsidized by the alphabet agencies

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"Difficult times may lie ahead, but let us remain clear-eyed about what is at stake in Ukraine" corruption? Is that what's at stake here?

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Let's get this show on the road

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I didn't know until recently even Tylenol and ibuprofen are toxic to the liver.

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We're all in accord on the Lord keeping your child healthy and when there are two or more gathered in accordance there he is in the midst

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In general the normies still believe Russia is getting it's ass kicked, that's what the msm tells them.

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Rigg hotel? Under a mile from the WH that's plays host to dignitaries and other political figures

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Congress was exempt for the bs mandates

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I read somewhere that flouride in water, toothpaste, etc calcifies the pineal gland. Somehow the pineal gland not being healthy affects our congnition and possibly the part of us that activates during meditation type thinking.

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How long until "My fellow Americans..."

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When I saw the layout of MaL for the speech I was surprised to see all the gold Fringe flags all around

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