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Use whatever podcast app you have to download the entire back catalogue of the corbett report. Especially anything with 'crashes of convenience' in the title, or for example 'meet the rockafellers' or 'meet bill gates'

Quite frankley dark to light delingpod

thats a few i can think of

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When I was visiting Morocco quite a few years ago, the owner of the Riad we were staying at took my girlfriend and a I to visit a local archeological site. The only person there was a security guard who was also a friend of his. He let us in and showed us around. I watched him talk to our ‘guide’ with excitement in Arabic/french and our guide kept prompting him as if to clarify. He then turned to us. He explained that multiple bodies in excess of 12-16feet tall had been recovered from the site along with swords taller than him (5 10” - 6ft) he pointed to all the spots the bodies were as well as swords and other things.

He then said, the US embassy had taken control of the site a few days/weeks earlier and cleared the place out - as well as dismissing the archeological team. Americans were being brought in to replace them.

What’s interesting is that the site is massive and some of the in-tact buildings were ‘normal’ sized and had been used as tombs for these giants prior to being covered.

The site was in Agmat at the base of the Atlas Mountains.

Edit: found the site https://www.archaeological.org/aia-and-hilton-worldwide-award-site-preservation-grant-to-moroccan-site/

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Of course they’re buying into it.

They see multiple generations before them with houses, cars, weekend boats/ jet skis/ whatever and they’re struggling to pay rent.

They not only want somewhere to live, for close to nothing, they want anyone who has more to be punished.

We are dealing with an entire generation of kids and young adults who have been indoctrinated from birth to hate their elders, and to put it more bluntly the human race.

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Multiple health checks every year help as well.

Catch anything serious or concerning early.

I’ve not had a full medical for 20 years.

Some of these guys are having them every 3 months…

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Yeah I have a feeling between now and the election they’re going to push everyone to the edge.


if Trump wins IT IS OVER FOR THEM.

It doesn’t matter how evil they need to be, how extreme they need to go or how obvious, they will just gaslight, lie and coverup.

They know, that we know, they are evil. They do not care.

Shits going to get really really bad in my opinion.

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If the democrats rejected him, and through some act of God he became VP to Trump, I think they would be unstoppable at the voting booth

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There are other exchanges, maybe Binance also has this facility, that have the equivalent of a debit card. You can spend your crypto in local currency without having to go through the process of liquidating your crypto into fiat, then to your bank.

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This could be a 4D chess move.


He just handed the WEF the everything app, for the absolute control and enslavement of humanity.

I’d be very interested to know how deep Elons ties to the WEF go

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In Poland a few years ago, someone asked me how it was possible for there to be so many gay people In England. “It’s not normal”. Was what I heard from several people.

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It’s the only reason I have opened my bible for the first time in 20 years. It may be watered down, but it is a gateway to the full word of God.

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“The Chosen” is worth the watch for anyone interested. It’s a series based on the life of Jesus and his disciples.

I’m not going to lie, the quality of the production, casting and acting is on par with any HBO or Netflix produced series. Highly recommended

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His book Righteous Indignation was a pretty descent read, it’s a shame he died.

He laid the blueprint for Veritas’ method of a slow drip release.

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Ngl, my eyes went straight to the yellow sign.

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20k? That is not a small force…

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Wow I actually have the whole series of her books somewhere. I read them about 15-20 years ago.. haven’t heard that name in a long long time.

You’re right there was some very interest stuff. I’ll have to dig them out next time I visit my mothers house..

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