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House GOP rules say people under indictment can’t hold leadership positions. That will have to change first.

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Maybe they were run through a sorter first? Easier to capture dupes and out of sequence ballots

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Noticed at the Alabama event DJT was backed by gold-fringed American flags. WHO approved that?

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See below. Based on what I’ve seen and read, he’s a con man surfing on rumors and anecdotes about who he is/may be. It’s just my opinion, one among many, but he is just a little too full of it for my taste

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I would be more confident if this was anyone other than Patel. He puts on knee pads when he’s within 50 feet of Mr. Trump. It’s embarrassing

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Not to be a stickler but none of this ultimately happened. This is why the Normies chuckle at us.

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Why the Environmental Protection Agency? Seems like an odd place for Top Secret docs

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Realistically, how much more revealing do we need? Seems there’s been plenty already

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I think it’s a pretty safe bet this is nothing more than a rumor. The House has more power than the Senate in a contingency situation

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