The Unvaccinated Will Be Vindicated (www.bitchute.com) 💥 B O O O O O M 💥
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I couldn’t care less. It’s their choice and if they make fun of me, go for it. I’m pretty sure most of them get what they deserve in the end without me being affected by their negativity.

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I honestly feel bad for them. Most of them thought they were doing to right thing. The programming was strong even before the pandemic they were starting the ridicule for anyone who dared to question any vaccine. The term antivaxer started right before the pandemic. It's sad some humans figured out the human mind can be programmed subtly and subconsciously. And it's just sad because they can't really think for themselves. They just think that they think for themselves by thinking exactly like everyone else who is under this spell. We the awake are already seeing the consequences heart attacks, strokes, sudden adult death syndrome ( this new term everyone is just accepting was a thing before). What is tragic is being right about the vaccine sucks it's not the popular or fun opinion. And the cost of being right is over the next 6 years the amount of death is going to be so fucking insane. Being able to tell some blue hair I told you so won't feel good at all when their were so many others dying because they were scared.

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The term anti vaxxer started around the time Jenny McCarthy raised the issue of vaccine induced autism in the early 2000s. At the time I thought she was bat shit crazy. It didnt take me long to change my mind as the evidence mounted of a huge upswing in autism, a condition previously rare and until "Rain Man" not in the public lexicon.

(My nephew born in 2000 has autism. Neolite has helped him somewhat to clear his mind. He lives with me and I support him. He has a job but his long term prospects are muddied. Im trying to get him into a HVAC trade school. The boy has a serious problem with authority. He has three half brothers by his mother who also have autism to varying degrees.Poor woman, four sons all autistic.)

Then I connected the vaccines to SIDs and now if I saw her Id apologize to Jenny McCarthy for every mean word I said about her.

The anti vaxxer concept accelerated in the 2010s as localized measles outbreaks occurred around the country and those who refused to vax their children were demonized.

The cabal has been playing the long game when it comes to vaccines. I wonder how long in advance they planned covid. I bet their initial concepts were brought forward as early as Bush 1. Maybe even as early as the AIDs psyop.

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Yes I watched the narrative demonizing anti-vaxxers build up over years before covid, to the point I was getting suspicious. When covid hit and they fully weaponized the previous several years of anti-vaxxer demonization, it all made sense. This was a carefully coordinated attack.

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Exactly! And by the time they were trying to push flu shots on us with a ramrod down our throats, hubby and I weren't having any of it. My distrust of Big Med was well established before Covidiocy came along.

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What's Neolite? My nephew too & my brother (boosted) is in denial about adverse vaccine events. Is neolite some sort of supplement? Is it a lighting system? Thanks

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Neolite is a mineral that comes from volcanic ash and has been shown to be useful in detoxifying heavy metals.

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What are his ferritin levels?

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as early as the 1916 "Spanish flu", which was caused by "vaccines" developed by the Rockefeller institute.

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That is interesting and I am specifically interested in the Spanisf Flu. Do you have any info or links you could share about vaccines causing Spanish Flu? Thanks in advance.

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Thank you.

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I wonder how long in advance they planned covid.

Maybe not Covid specifically, but what is playing out right now has been in the works for literally milennia.

That's why I still have empathy for the people who fell for it. Part of me thinks what's coming is an inevitable, painful lesson that humanity has to learn.

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as early as the 1916 "Spanish flu", which was caused by "vaccines" developed by the Rockefeller institute.

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I know why they did it. They are slaves and they chose to ignore a lot of what people was warning about.

And the propaganda itself and the cordinated lies from the media world wide? No discussion?

And everything was organized world wide from start?

I would have seen trough this as a kid. They are willfully ignorant beacuse they don’t want their world view and power hierarchy challenged.

Me and you being completely free from them and the government. There’s a lot of stupid control freaks out there who don’t want that to happen. They want to play in their sandbox for ever as a good slave.

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It's crazy - my 16-year old daughter saw what you are talking about - but my 18 yr old son and mother of my children did not. It is fascinating who picks up on the evil and who does not.

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“You are a wizard Harry Potter”

If you have someone in the military that worked with intel. Asked them about people world wide with specific code in their DNA (15%)

Its real, DNA tells the tale. Your daughter might be a reincarnated being from higher plains of existnece (Star seeds). They have more resiliance and protection from the deep state magick. Spells and all that shit is real, the reason they make us talk instead of telepathy. When you “sound” in the universe it’s like you are changing in a mathematical formula. Vibrations and frequency..

People who laugh should Ask your ranking military family members, the miltary know 15% of the world population are star seedsI know for sure. The Cabal try to track them down.

And these “I swore a oath to Satan” military knows.

“It’s for national protection” = I swore a oath to Satan.

All the secrecy serves Satan. People who says they did it for hummanity will still face the karma for what they have done. Karma is cosmic law and care not about Karen’s feelings or human sheep who can’t live in reality. People who lie to themselves will still be finaled with the cosmic energy humans on earth think of as Gods.

They played with the reptilians for decades and their soul have that price in its shoulder no matter their own reasoning. Our forgiveness is their only way to reverse it or they will have a new life to learn by their past mistakes And their souls will take a step back in development.

Humans view of military, war and ranks don’t save you from the evil you have done. The karma will be there.

Take good care of your family sir!


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And what does the cabal do when they track them down

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Pick them up. Have you ever in your life, as adult or growing up as a child found your self in a place you can’t remember you got to?

If so, it was them.

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Star seeds aren't real

369Q 1 point ago +2 / -1

Define real.

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Yes and the fake media in the end will have a lot of blood on its hands…

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Agreed… I hate the thought of people being manipulated by this garbage! 🙏

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we don’t know that many people are going to die. Yes people are dying. But is everyone who took the shot going to die? let’s say 1-2% only die instead.

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Everyone is going to die, vax or no vax. The question is how much sooner do people die.

There's a 3 to 5 year survival rate for myocarditis prognosis.

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Yeah probably not even that many in my mind, if people keep taking boosters it only seems like it makes things worse though. The virus is a joke, the propaganda on both sides of the shots is a joke too, only meant to divide into extremes like everything else they do to direct attention at each other instead of the people pulling the strings. It’s stupid to have taken even one of these shots, but if a person did I believe in forgiveness, especially if they themselves have regret and acknowledge their mistake in jumping off the bridge just because other people did/told them to

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That's 30 times higher than the actual virus.

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We still don't know, kid. I'm calling you kid because you're being foolish. No one. NO ONE. No one knows how this ends up.

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How is what you said any different from what I said. I said we don’t know.

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I’m on this same page. I feel terrible about the ones that were duped.

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And the cost is pretty high. I have friends losing their lives due due to this jab.

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Death is a illusion. Death = New life.

They have lived countless already. Willingly.

School is about remember your past life and recollect your awareness and past skills.

Not on this slave planet tho. Here you are learned to be good workers and suffer for reptilians trade and food. They literally feed of humanity’s suffering the same way a human is hooked on heroine. It’s millions of them under Antarctica in hibernation, and they are hooked on our negative energy, they cant even leave the pods.

“99% in hospital “

Death is not a doom. But the reincarnate to the hell this planet truly are, is. People are stuck in a soul trap on this planet and doomed to live these slave lives.

When you die they have hijacked the ascension process so you will se God dependent on your believe system who will advice you to return to earth. Most so and step into the light and is reborn with a viped memory.

If you step into the void which they don’t count on you doing, after Jesus tells you to tho back to earth. Dark is also light = Mark of enlightenment.

You will try to reach the higher plains of existence, but immature souls are not welcome to the higher dimensions. Hence why we will see a split on this planet partly.

Some souls are not ready for the higher dimensions. Or we would not be stuck in this hell. But we have been fooled in way few has.

This planet is considered one of the worst palaces in our galaxy.

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This is one of the more solid quotes I've read - can I copy and paste this to my friends who are smart and may connect with it?

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We are referred to as the "non-compliant" in the VA healthcare system. Damn right I am non-compliant to your medical tyranny!

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I never felt crazy, or like the villain, or outcast, or rejected, because I knew that the vaxxed were committing suicide and like anyone who sees someone about to jump off a bridge, you stop the car and you call for them to step off the edge, you get close enough to them for them to trust you, then you snatch them back. That is crazy alright - crazy love.

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I was at a dr’s house today and him and his wife walk out in masks. I said I won’t be able to the work in a mask so…. He says oh that’s fine I’ll stay 6’ away and observe social distancing. I didn’t respond to that. For the duration of the install him and wife proceeded to be about 12” from my face the entire time. Total weirdos

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One of the most eye-opening parts about this whole thing is how ignorant of science medical professionals are. If anything became glaringly obvious during this whole thing is that medical professionals, and Doctors in particular, are incredibly indoctrinated. The lack of critical thinking skills among many doctors is shocking. The few who didn't fall for the scam should be praised, the even fewer still that came out vocally and called out the scam should be held at the highest level. If anyone has a doctor that went along or failed to look at the actual data, I would recommend looking for a replacement as quickly as possible. I would also recommend that you do your own research on almost any health issue and make up your mind about what is best for you. The trust has been broken and I hope that folks have learned a long-lasting lesson about blindly trusting the "experts".

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100%!!! I learned western medicine wasn't for me years ago, when 5 different doctors failed to properly diagnose and/or treat my hypothyroidism and other health ailments. I started going to holistic / chiropractic doctors who have helped me in immeasurable ways. One of the biggest ways is learning how vitamin/mineral deficiencies can lead to symptoms (which modern medicine calls "diseases"), which can then be cured by supplementing with the appropriate vitamin.

Also, it cannot be stated enough - we can ALL be our own doctors! We have the world's most expansive research tool at our disposal and can research / educate ourselves about any illness / symptom / disease. Can it be challenging / exhausting at times? Absolutely! But SO rewarding to take control of our own health! Although it can take years to undo programming and learn how to take care of ourselves, everyone needs to start somewhere.

I would love to see the future of medicine go back to traditional roots - where we had local doctors who prescribed herbs, vitamins, and supplements, and made house calls (one can dream!) and where each person had the knowledge and ability how to treat and cure themselves.

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The only thing that would be nice is the access to diagnostic equipment and lab testing. This would help with troubleshooting.

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Yeah I totally agree, I’ve said this multiple times in the last 2 years. My problem is I can’t fault people for believing a dr over me but it’s getting old to hear things like “ oh I’m sure you know better then all the epidemiologists “ it’s not so much I know better it’s more that they are getting paid to say this bullshit

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The similarities between how many scientists that started claiming to be climatologists is awfully paralleled to the number of doctors claiming to be epidemiologists. While these new climatologists and epidemiologists are praised by the media, the ones that are well established and leaders of the field are deplatformed and suppressed.

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I agree! Shockingly true! Most doctors are IGNORANT!

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Unfortunately, they've been taught to hand out pharma pills like candy, but be the gatekeepers of any beneficial therapeutics.

They certainly have not been taught how to solve medical problems.

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Agreed 💯🎯

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Brotherly love.

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Agreed fully.

Yes they are indeed crazy so what crazy says i just wave and smile. It’s no point.

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I had the absolute privilege of meeting Del Bigtree at Freedom Fest! He is so kickass — passionate, knowledgeable, eloquent, and courageous. He is a total force! I also met his beautiful wife who is such a positive light!

Del BIGTREE is a hero to humanity! May God continue to protect him and his family.

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We were the "Control" group.... Maybe because we know how to recognize authoritarian "Control"...?

MariaGoretti0706 13 points ago +13 / -0

ThanQ for posting this, ThinkItThrough!

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I felt myself weakening once, I felt my resolve buckle. I talked to my wife about it and she said ....

"At the start, I just wasn't sure about the vax efficacy or safety, but after all the pressure my thinking has moved on, now I don't care about those things anymore. Now, simply I think "Fuck that, I don't want to (get jabbed) and that's all the fucking reason anyone should need".

I have never wavered since then, when she said those words my resolve returned and I knew there was a God - because he put that amazing woman in my life.

It's still going on in NZ, it's about to get insane again. There are rumblings, the government gave themselves sweeping powers during the summer, they're psychotic and the public are turning against them - I think they are going to have one last go at burning us all to the ground. Watch NZ, it's going to be insane what they try to do.

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I shudder to think of the world we could have lived in if they won.

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Did you watch Trump's speech? Blake Masters made a great point. Imagine where we would be had we been in the 6th year of a Hillary presidency (blech, it even makes me sick to say that).

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We’re already vindicated. Most of us told someone before the vaxx came out that this would never end. We told them there would be severe side effects. We told them there would be reproductive health issues. We told them it would trigger more positive Covid cases. Yet they still took it. They called us conspiracy theorists. And we now all know of someone directly or indirectly who regrets their decision and wishes they listened to us the first time.

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You overestimate their intelligence if you think they're capable of admitting and/or recognizing this as reality - much less to grow from it.

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The "virus" was never proven to actually exist, as they never isolated it. A guy in Canada won his court case by demanding proof of the existence of the virus, and it couldn't be provided.

I never wore a mask into any store. I never stopped grocery shopping. I never went in and out the correct doors, and never followed the aisle arrows. I went where I needed to go and ignored hell out of the signs. Many other people did the same as I did. I never got tested and never got shots. I also never got sick, even though I'm supposedly in a high-risk group (old with respiratory problems).

I will never comply.

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Listening to this guy talk, he says the leaders were blinded by power in forcing the lockdowns. WRONG. Most are power hungry fucktards, but it is bigger than that. It was a globalist/government/pharma collision & conspiracy to cull the world's population. Until the masses realize this, nothing changes. The conspirators all need the death penalty. Public execution. Nothing less than that.

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Powerful stuff.

Written by Susan Dunham | 100 Percent Fed Up

The battlefield is still warm, following Canada’s war on the unvaccinated. The mandates have let up, and both sides stumble back into something that looks like the old normal — except that there is a fresh and present injury done to the people we tried to break. And no one wants to talk about it.

Only weeks ago, it was the admitted goal of our own leaders to make life unlivable for the unvaccinated. And as a deputized collective, we force-multiplied that pain, taking the fight into our families, friendships, and workplaces. Today, we face the hard truth that none of it was justified — and, in doing that, uncover a precious lesson.

It was a quick slide from righteousness to cruelty, and however much we might blame our leaders for the push, we’re accountable for stepping into the trap despite better judgment.

We knew that waning immunity put vast numbers of the fully vaccinated on par with the shrinking minority of unvaccinated, yet we marked them for special persecution. We said they hadn’t “done the right thing” by turning their bodies over to state care — even though we knew that principled opposition to such a thing is priceless in any circumstance. And we truly let ourselves believe that going into another ineffectual lockdown would be their fault, not the fault of toxic policy.

And so it was by the willful ignorance of science, civics, and politics that we squeezed the unvaccinated to the degree that we did.

We invented a new rubric for the good citizen and — failing to be one ourselves — took pleasure in scapegoating anyone who didn’t measure up. After months of engineered lockdowns, having someone to blame and to burn simply felt good. So we cannot hold our heads high, as if believing we had logic, love, or truth on our side while we viciously wished death upon the unvaccinated. The best we can do is sit in the awareness of our rabid inhumanity for having cast so many aside.

Most of us who pilloried the noncompliant did it because it seemed like certain victory, like the unvaccinated would never make it through unbroken. Indeed, the promised new normal looked unbeatable, so we sided with it and made punching bags out of the holdouts.

But betting against them has been a scathing embarrassment for many of us who’ve now learned that the mandates only had the power we gave them. It was not through quiet compliance that we avoided endless domination by pharmaceutical companies and medical checkpoints at every doorway. It was thanks to the people we tried to tear down.

So for those of us not among the hopeless few that pray for the return of mandates, we might find some inner gratitude for the unvaccinated. We took the bait by hating them, but their perseverance bought us the time to see we were wrong. It seems right now like the mandates will return, but this time there’s hope that more of us will see them for what they are: a rising authoritarianism that has no concern for our wellbeing. If there’s an enemy, it’s the confidence game of state power and the transparent attempt to tear us apart. Heeding that looks like our best shot at redemption.

Written by Susan Dunham. Susan Dunham can be found on Instagram @susankaydunham and at Susan Dunham on Medium.

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This looks like the original article by Susan Dunham - April 28, 2022 - What We Learned From Hating the Unvaccinated

This was adapted to suit Australian audiences (based on editors note) May 22, 2022 - The War on The Unvaccinated Was Lost

Seems the host was reading from the adapted article.

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God Bless you all. I am so proud of you.

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This nearly made me cry.

It has been so long that I have felt differently than the "sheeple" about a great majority of things. No one has ever come to me in the past 35 years of standing more or less alone (in my community) to say, "You were right", or, "thank you". Hearing this letter meant a great deal to me.

I have been comfortable not taking cues and kudos from other people, but follow that inner guidance the Good Lord endowed in me.

Again, it was still good to hear this!

Carry on soldiers.

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Link to original by Jomo Thomas

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We prefer the term FREEBLOOD, thanks.

Patriots define ourselves in terms of our God-given natural human right to FREEDOM. We do not define ourselves in terms of genocidal maniacs' choice of mass-murder weapon.

(That said, poetic license for "Unvaccinated" and "Vindicated" in the same title! :)

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I needed this. Thanks frens, it's been non stop.

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Thanks for posting OP, I really needed to hear this today.

And if Susan Dunham ever gets to read this, then I forgive her, because that was so powerful and moving and clearly from the heart.

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“I Am The TRUTH..” —Jesus Christ, Yeshua, Messiah, Son of God, The True Vine, The Door, The Bread of Life, The Living Water, The Light, The Beginning, The End, The Revelation, The Author of Life, The Resurrection...The TRUTH

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We ought to call the jab by its real name:

“Experimental gene therapy”

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Politics were unknown until they were weaponized

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Will be?

That ship has sailed. We've been right from the beginning about literally everything.

Everyone else is just trying to catch up. Good luck with that.

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We already have been

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This is outstanding. Thanks for sharing.

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How does it feel now knowing you( jabbed one) were manipulated to become just like a nazi? How does it feel knowing you damaged your health for the Big Pharma and your government that doesn’t care at all what happens to you? Those that participated in this experiment because they are mentally weak are part of the problem.

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Well said.

Silex 1 point ago +1 / -0

Just got banned by FB for 29 days just by posting this. Can't post or comment on anything. That's telling.

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This is a very interesting statement:

Each individual must be held accountable for stepping into the well laid out trap

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Also, unvaccinated? Try Non vaccinated! Language is important and the enemy changes definitions for their fat gay unicorn land

kayak 3 points ago +3 / -0

Better yet, you are NON GMO. You know. The thing. The label you look for at the grocery.

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I like vaccine-free, personally.

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The vax is actually getting rid of liberals by the ton

TaQo 0 points ago +1 / -1

Purebloods for the win...bukhake souvlaki for the vaxtards. 🖕🖕🖕