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This dude has gotten less than 500 followers on his YouTube page in a week. This is the current prime minister. The guy who supposedly keeps winning elections here. Guy can’t even get 500 subscribers. There are chicks on twitch streaming themselves sleep with more viewers. Insane

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We currently have a mortgage through TD. Not sure how to go about THIS. There’s still 2 years left on our mortgage but I want absolutely nothing to do with cashless society. Why is my government creating a massive problem that I don’t deserve

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If his youtube and facebook both just got reinstated right before this "indictment" leak, then yea it's a bit strange. Normally wouldn't they have re-banned his accounts seconds after it was reported that he was being arrested?

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Thinking about this at a deeper level is so fucked. So called “elected” governments are forcing policies on populations that people don’t even want. In what world can a brand new party rise out of nowhere with their only platform being to oppose a singular policy of the current regime and win on that alone. Furthermore, how on Earth can an elected body implement and pass legislation so far away from what people want that an entire unknown political entity can not only rise but win just by opposing it. Isn’t it scary that we’re in a place where governments are doing the exact opposite of what their constituents want? I mean, it’s not new practice but the egregiousness of something so controversial that it allows angry farmers to form governments and win? Like wake up people. This is not normal

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I would never go anywhere near a battlefield with this pathetic and unhinged joke of a woman. You can’t rely on people like this. No matter who you are and what you believe, acting this way in a military setting is unforgivable. Any person in control of themselves and their emotions know how to reign it in situationally. It’s like getting pulled over for no good reason. Right or wrong you have to act with submissiveness given the situation or you could end up in jail or worse. It’s just simple stuff. This behaviour is that of someone who will not make it to the end. Will end up getting herself killed somehow. She’s a joke.

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This is not even an analogy, it’s just straight retarded. Your kid doesn’t load the dishwasher because you’re an irresponsible parent and have no control over them plus have denied them God, real love and discipline. You turned your kid trans because you’re an irresponsible parent with no control over them and there is no God, love or discipline in their life. You as the parent are responsible in both scenarios. Trying to liken your child becoming a tranny to not doing chores. Yikes

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The media can try whatever they want. The last number of years have shown that Vladimir Putin is far more honest and reliable than our media. That might be sad on paper but it’s the truth

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The country run by mostly whites was so scary that his family decided to immigrate and make their life there instead of in the country where everyone looked like them. Amazing right?

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In saying that they “Sure as hell can be policed,” perhaps that’s true, but policing has its own issues. I think that’s the point. There are corrupt figures who “police” them into compliance of the agenda. I would estimate that 95% of actual police are good people with good intentions. It’s that pesky 5% that seem to always be in those key positions though.

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We need to start choosing our own heroes and stop accepting the faggots that they hand pick. This includes sports. I haven’t watched the NFL since they took Kapernicks side but there are still heroes in the league like aaron rodgers and cole beasley, there’s kyrie in the NBA, Tyler bertuzzi in the NHL and a bus load of guys in the MLB. They are severely out numbered but we still have representatives in places we once loved

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Prove what? I worship nobody but God, you’re just full of shit

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Jack posobiec is the prototypical follower of wind direction. Probably found his head up his own ass once or twice after farting

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