The hypocrisy is real! (files.catbox.moe) ⚠️ Vax-tarded ☠️
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I had heard that almost 80% of Twitter is bots and AI. I think that’s why Gen. Flynn said to leave it in the dustbin of history.

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Imagine the fraud committed against the advertisers who pay money for social media advertising, thinking they are reaching an audience of millions, when it's only dozens.

Great reason to bankrupt and terminate these companies.

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Why do you think these IT companies are worth billions in the stock market?

The fraud extends to give people stock gains. And who is investing all that money in the IT stock to profit?

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3 of the 4 are blue check marks. Do they blue checkmark bots?

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they do whatever they want, so yes.

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Would you put it past them

Mcmurdo32 6 points ago +6 / -0

No. They certainly would do that.

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If the price is right what won't they do?

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Fuck childre... oh wait...

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Most blue checkmarks are swamp controlled and anyone can put a bot on their twitter account so effectively the answer is yes. The swamp makes the have these points of views & maybe even helps them program their bots, who knows

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That Brooklyn dad is a fucking faggot. He spends his entire life on twatter. Or he's a bot.

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I don't know how anyone can be on the left I really dont

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i blame the media

and education

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Well, look at thess

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Spend enough time on the internet and cut off all other human contact.

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You're missing the point. Its all an illusion. Many of those accounts on Twitter are fake bots. ten people in an office somewhere are typing out all that shit and an IA is tweaking it so it not identical then pushing it to 500 bots(maybe 5,000).

You know how in movies the one guy in the back of the crowd says something really loudly then he walks ten paces to the right and says something similar again... then he goes another 15 paces and says it again. Pretty soon the crowd is worked up demanding the innocent man is hung or whatever... That is what they are doing on Twitter.

Its a virtual town square right? Same exact thing. Its all smoke and mirrors. The True leftists, the ones that really believe the BS, are less than 10% of the total population. They are ALL in 2-3 towns like Portland, government(DC), or colleges.

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cool kid table


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These are probably bot accounts right. NOBODY is really THIS stupid / hypocritical.

IF you didn't trust the vax under Trump - how can you trust the EXACT SAME vax under Biden? There is no difference. This is why I don't think 'posts' like this are from actual real people.

I won't deny the left is dumber than a bag of used hammers, but still. You wouldn't even be able to tie your own shoes if this is your regular thought process.

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an actual conversation i had with my uber-lib sister, who has 2 PhDs

me: blah blah NWO

her: NWO is a conspiracy theory

me: heres GHWB talking about the NWO

her: the NWO sounds lovely!

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Yep, logic does not apply here

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"That's a conspiracy theory" is the new phrase for "I don't know anything about that."

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My sis is the same. She's pretty damn smart, but blind to the consequences of the political ideology she espouses. They won't understand until they're getting loaded onto trains and even then, they will probably spout some reason that's been fed to them.

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"The camps are exempt from stupid low-flow showerhead laws so we'll finally get a real shower!"

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Gross. “This new mark of the beast thing is sure great huh guys?”

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I won't deny the left is dumber than a bag of used hammers, but still. You wouldn't even be able to tie your own shoes if this is your regular thought process.

lol. That's why they invented velcro.

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Though I can't refute your theory that these might be bots, I need to inform you that actually, yes indeed, leftists CAN be this stupid/hypocritical. Imagine a religion, but with no God to set the practitioners' direction.

Edit: That's why they make velcro strap shoes.

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  • Government is their religion
  • Government is run by individuals, who are stupid when it comes to solving the problems they are hired to solve
  • Because these individuals have no idea what they are doing, they fake it and constantly change their ideas and actions to hide the fact that they don't know what they are doing
  • This constant changing of the hired hands means that the "government" is constantly changing policies and covering past crimes and stupid mistakes
  • This constant changing government is still the religion of the left, so they constantly change their own opinons, since their opinions have no meaning and no basis in reality -- just worshiping their government to "prove" what a good person they are
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Yep, gov't doesn't have to answer to the market, so incompetence is just fine.

"I've worked in the private sector. They expect results." - Ghostbusters

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Now the government is completely infiltrated and controlled by satanists.

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They may just be controlled actors. The deep state foot soldiers (yes bots is highly likely)

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Yep. The Brooklyn dad account is an especially insufferable fucktwat. JoJo gives him a run for the money for worst though.

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Now imagine if Trump said don’t take the jab from the jump

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Wouldn't matter media spins everything against what they oppose. The useful idiot anchors and reporters read whatever they're told for pay

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Of course it matters that’s 7 solid months of bots telling people not to get jabbed via the DeepState bot accounts.

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What if he was pushing the jab to help save some of the covidiots from it? 🤔

Mcmurdo32 5 points ago +6 / -1

Those who take medical advice from politicians deserve what they get.

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Thanks. Somebody actually downvoted this. I don't mind. I can take it, but I wonder who actually disagrees with this statement.

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Scott Dworkin is this the same guy ?


Deaf_MAGA_Pede [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

Yes he is. He has been against everything President Trump said or does.

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... said No one ever... nice bot farm

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This is the result of witchcraft. Pure Satanic evil. Lord come quickly.

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It's weaponized tribalism. White people aren't allowed to care about their white tribe, yet we still have tribal feelings. jews are abusing this to make us fight amonst ourselves.

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I don't give two fucks about the white tribe, the black tribe or the Mongolian tribe.

I don't plan on keeping communist in my circle of acquaintances. Or stupid people who don't know they're standing in the commie sphere spouting the commie lies.

If you are a patriot, you are my brother and dumb white commies are not my tribe.

Smokratez 0 points ago +1 / -1

yeah, that's my point, they made white people not fight for the white race anymore

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Bots and or paid social media influencers...your state health organizations pay social media influencers to post covid propaganda pre-written messages.

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cool kids table

There it is.

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Does anybody have the video clip of heels up VP harris saying she won't take trump vaccine

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Not exactly the whole thing but close.


MilitaryJustice 2 points ago +2 / -0

Stupid is as stupid does.

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Maybe it's my concussion but I look at this and am like... Bad stuff. Bad morons or bots or shills.

If they bots, did Jack use Nvidias fake person generator to make the pictures or did he just pay some low level grunt at Twatter to steal them?

Seriously - haven't people accused Twatter and Fakebook of stealing people's pics before?

I know those shitty dating sites do it all the time... OK Cupid, Hinge, etc.

Deaf_MAGA_Pede [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

I know Scott Dworkin is real, he has appeared on T.V. many times.

Brooklyn Dad -- I have seen him make posts, most commonly on President Trump's account but I don't know if he (or she) is real.

As for the two others, I have no clue if they're real but probably not as all of them said they're against the "Trump vaccine" on the same week then when they got the clot shot later on, they said it on the same week. So it's possible they're just following a script or have bots do it for them.

I've seen people accusing Brooklyn Dad for being a bot.

anargumentativebox 2 points ago +2 / -0

Thanks for taking time to write this, I'm so out of the loop on Twitter. I forgot who Scott Dworkin was too. Appreciate it!

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Those are shills.

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Does facebook ban this image?

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Didn't the douchebag in the upper left end up dying from the Clot Shot?

VoxDawg 2 points ago +2 / -0


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I'm sorry, but this made me laugh. I'll get insulted by the hypocrisy in a minute though, I'm sure. LOL!

AngelCole 2 points ago +2 / -0

Look at it this way, these idiots who posted these tweets will be sterile and unable to reproduce anymore like them. We will have a whole generation of sterile people. It's sad but when you take poison without doing a little bit of research, well something like this will happen.

VetforTrump 2 points ago +2 / -0

Is a generation of sterile idolators really that big of a problem?

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I truly doubt these "twitter celebrities" are even real. They're just narrative-pushers, switching on a dime at the press of a button.

But some people think they're real people, and think 'hmm, well this real person changed their mind REALLY quickly, there must be some good reason for that' and they start thinking it, and so on.

MorningLight 2 points ago +2 / -0

These people are stupid and repeat what the media tells them to think, without ever questioning the information.

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Typical loxist

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Funny how they can allegedly manage 200 million in-person vaccinations, but ID-verified in-person voting is just too much of an ask "in this age of covid". Why aren't they mailing out the vaccine doses!? Are they nuts!? Going to the vaccine counter in person causes "super-spreader events"!!!

VetforTrump 2 points ago +2 / -0

We will see who has the last word. Lmfao. God sayeth He SHALL NOT be mocked.

young_roshi 2 points ago +2 / -0

I do my best not to wish harm on another human being, but I can't say that I would feel an ounce of sympathy for any of these losers if they ended up choking on a soy burger or dying from a botched tranny surgery.

CGGoolsby 2 points ago +2 / -0

All those lovely paid "influencers" at work. How this shit became normalized I'll never know. It always sounded sus to call people influencers. Trying to rewrite the meaning of words on us every day. Up is down and down is up.

inspoken 2 points ago +2 / -0

Maybe they are just integrity challenged.