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I've told people that it doesn't matter if they believe in the Bible or not, but that there are some very rich and powerful people who have taken the evil ideas from End Times prophecies and desire to implement them. We've seen this so-called vaccine used to push essentially the Mark of the Beast. I live here in Japan where people are mellower, although unfortunately, as I have posted on here before, my family is surrounded with everyone else who gets these doom shots and keep complaining about how they keep getting sick. Honestly, the rate things are going, I seriously wonder what Japan will be like in 5 years from now. We've been spared vax mandates and the worst I have to endure is this mask nonsense at work. When I am not at work or the gym, my mask is off and I never get crap for it.

Somebody posted on here that he was going to sign off this forum until something really big begins. I can't do that, but I have to admit that my excitement is waning. So much is happening, but I have a hard time keeping up with everything from my side of the world. I have, however, been pressing closer to God this past few months. My heart is heavy for loved ones---all of them women---who have turned away from God. The girl who broke my heart in college was at least a girl who followed Christ, albeit she was dysfunctional. I found her on the IMDB recently and apparently she has lost her faith. Another girl, a lovely girl from Ireland I dated after that from the same church, I did not get serious with her and instead gave my heart to my pen pal from Japan whom I later married and we're coming up on our 22 year anniversary--- but that dear Irish girl I did not marry, whom her family wanted me to marry back then, has fallen into darkness, after giving her heart to a man who beat her some years later. My two sweet cousins who were like little sisters to me have rejected their faith. One was so traumatized from a rotten divorce at a young age that she became a lesbian. All these girls I've loved at one point have fallen into such darkness, their joy in loving God replaced with trauma, abuse, and anger. So much brokenness. I want to embrace them all someday in heaven. I love even those who have hurt me.

I pray that what will be revealed to the world is going to open everyone's eyes to God's truth and love. We're on the path to destruction. Sperm counts were already plummeting before the doom shots rolled out. This Covidian germophobia has permanently crippled people's brains. Western society is circling the toilet between the abominations of woke ideology and Islamic infestation. Are we really coming towards the end, when Christ returns? How would the Great Awakening line up with this, or will it only delay the inevitable? Was the future that Jesus showed John in Revelation a warning of what could happen if the righteous were not prepared? John was shown the future that would happen before he wrote Revelation. By writing it, could the evil be averted by the righteous, or will it be inevitable? If inevitable, would a spiritual Great Awakening just postpone Christ's return?

I seriously would appreciate people's thoughts on this. I've lived in spiritual isolation for the past 11 years, living in Japan and away from any decent churches. I'm trying to raise my teenage daughter to follow Christ, but it's hard doing it alone. Between all of this and trying to make sense of world events, my heart feels rather stretched thin these days. I'm here with you, frens. I'm not going anywhere. I'm just feeling like butter stretched over too much bread, as Bilbo said.