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Two unrelated headlines caught my eye today. Notice how they refuse to use the word "men."

Sinema Trashes Dems: ‘Old Dudes Eating Jell-O’

Dudes Have Been Dominating Women’s History Month This Year

This part of the deliberate campaign to erase the word "man" and "men." They are replacing with these words with the subtly insulting "males" and, worse, "dudes." Why is this insulting? Why go to these lengths to avoid using the word "man"? Because:

"Males" is dehumanizing language. "Males" can refer to any member of the animal kingdom, but "men" and "man" can only refer to humans. When they use "males" where "men" would be more appropriate, they are reducing men to livestock. In fact, these corporate hacks, Leftists, and politicians treat livestock with more respect than they do human men. They'll use the correct gendered noun to describe livestock—e.g. bull, buck, ram—but refuse to use the correct word for humans--men.

The words "man" and "men" have symbolic power. Do you take a "dude" seriously? Would you rather hire a "dude" or a "man" for a job? "I am a man" is a more powerful statement than "I am a dude" or "I am a male." They don't want men thinking of themselves as "men" but as inferior "dudes" or dehumanized "males."

They rarely do this to women. You don't see "females" used with the same frequency as "males." Not that they should be insulting women this way, but I'm only pointing it out to show that this word erasure is clearly targeted as weakening men.

If you're skeptical, then start paying attention to how the media, Leftists, and politicians use the words "dudes" and "males." It's everywhere.

To the men reading this: You are a man, not a "male" or a "dude". I encourage you to avoid their sick thought trap.