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As a retired-disabled Anon myself, I thought I would not really be want the raising of debt ceiling being blocked. But for my own Great Awakening reasons, I now do and welcome it soon. WTF Brent?!?!

I haven’t cruised Fox News feed for some time, getting anything related to them off Gateway Pundit. But I did this morning and this article caught my eye. And knowing about “America’s Near Death Experience” with the economy needing to happen ASAP, I’m actually in the party of agreeing the default needs to happen.

We world-wide patriots and Americans here in the US, have suffered much economically and medical-physically so far. But, but it hasn’t seemed to reeeeeeally shaken Americans awake to fully pissed off. And what affects EVERY American no matter what and where? The pocketbook.

Think about it; if suddenly every retired, disabled, and Vet suddenly lost their SSI, SSDI, Vet-Income Support…… Holy crap it would piss off a whole lot of people that tend to vote, and many that have and know how to “bare arms”. In 30 days, you would have thee most ravenous pissed off crowd screaming on the steps of every State Capital, Every State, and Every County Seat.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my Anons and fellow Americans dearly. But I’m standing on a mental beach right now, welcoming The Storm. God bless you all.