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From BioCladenstine

Elon has a plan and it’s becoming more clear. Now, I’m not sure if Elon is acting alone or if he is acting along side white hats, but given the vitriol and fear from the left wing media complex, we know his objectives align with ours and he is seen as a threat to their control.

As for the first step of the plan, it’s simple: Offer them a shitload of money, far above the market value. An undeniable offer in the world of business. And if they deny it, it proves they are motivated by something other than money, proving Twitter isn’t actually a business, it’s a tool. It proves that they greatly value the ability to censor, suppress freedom of speech, control information, and manipulate public perception. And given their allegiance to one side of the aisle, it proves that political bias has infiltrated social media and weaponized private enterprise to circumvent the Constitution.

This all culminates to one final conclusion. That Twitter is not a business, merely an arm of the DNC, and has been used to abuse the Rights protected by The Constitution and psychologically manipulate the masses to alter elections and seize political power. The DNC are engaged in treasonous political and psychological warfare at the expense of We the People.

That’s where we are at, and that’s what Elon is proving in broad daylight for the world to see.

Musk spent months getting this ready.

He knew the board would turn him down. He's not frantically trying to come up with a Plan B, he had his Plan B ready even before he launched his Plan A.

LeeChild 60 points ago +61 / -1

I disagree with that bioclandestine's one point. it's not the arm of the DNC...it is the arm of both DNC and RNC.

They both use twitter to censor. They are both in on it. EM knows this.

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DNC: Entirely corrupt. RNC: Mostly Corrupt, some good ones are forced to roll with the RINO's because of the two-party entrenchment

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The RNC at this point is just the Goliath they've built up, and the DNC is the Dave.

The two party system is a show and a sham, nothing more.

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Twitter/Facebook are both In-Q-Tel CIA invested. Most do not know this. Once you tell them they go whhhaaaaatttt?

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we know the model - attend a party, accept an invite, get entrapped with underage or homographic photos of oneself, sell your soul to the devil and do his bidding.

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I think they are equally corrupt. I think there are 1-2 good people on either side. That's it.

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Agreed. One of the most important concepts we need to get to the normies is that Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin, bent on the enslavement of humanity. The Democrats openly attack the People with the Republicans waiting in the shadows to destroy any who will not succumb to the frontal attack. What we have is merely an illusion of a two party system. Democrats and Republicans both dance to the same masters.

Dr Shiva gives an example of this when he talks about Republicans like DeSantis and his social media bill. The bill attacks an illusion of Twitter/Facebook et al as private entities when they are not. They are government partnerships with a portal designed for government to directly censor wrongthink. It is our government that censors the People not some private company under 230 protection.

The normies must be made to understand that all we have is the illusion of a two party system and that the freedom that is derived from it is as fake as the system itself.

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Beautifully said...i wish they can stickie this comment.

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Agree this exactly.

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Big Tech is an arm of the intelligence agencies, which also control Big Media and DC. There are agents/former agents in every major newsroom.

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Agreed. Certainly not 'one side of the aisle', in that if George W bush was running, they would be upholding that narrative.

Externally, tho, Bioc is saying that their clear bias towards the Left (at the moment) indicates and proves bias and partisan actions that undermine the US constitution.

So, no, but yes.

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Ergo, Plan B WAS Plan A.

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He had to know that his offer would be turned down, it happened the very next day. This whole thing seems to happening very quickly, almost like steps in the execution of a plan.

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If you mean both sides are cooperating and playing a charade - type plan, then no, but if you mean, Elon has a plan that may well be part of a larger plan and other good folks he's cooperating with - type plan, then yes.

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did they? I saw that were going to consider it, then I saw that they were consider the poison pill while they considered it..

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Wonder why idiots have so much trouble believing smart people with power have plans that are backed up by other plans

Like if you mention the plan to save the world anywhere but here

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Maybe this is one of the plans, and how he got so much money from the government, probably white hats. Give him a shit ton of money so he can buy up lefty bullshit.

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Or the money collected with EO seizures is being put back into the system For The People of the Republic.

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it's both.

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Elon knows that twitter is owned by the govt. He knows about the Partner Support Portal that Dr Shiva was talking about. HE FUCKING KNOWS and has twitter by the nuts.

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When libtards talk about the struggle of African-Americans, racism and “diversity”, I just point them to Elon Musk. They don’t know how to respond.

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I have fun pointing out that the wealthiest person on earth is African-American.

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It's like he is the Anti-Obama and Anti-Zuckersmuck all rolled into one.

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Like Teresa Heinz Kerry.

SassyLass 5 points ago +6 / -1

What? Is Elon African American? I’ll have to research this…

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He was born in South Africa

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but but BUT hes not a REAL AFRICAN...


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it wont take you long lol

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Lol, did you find the answer?

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SassyLass!! Come back and share your research with the class!

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See my reply below. Not sure how these threads really work for alerting people there is a reply, so I just replied to myself.

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Lol I think everyone was just having some fun with ya. I’ll check it out though

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Get right on it

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Why wouldn't they just say "I meant black African-Americans"? (I guess cuz they seem to have trouble cutting through the bullshit).

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Might cause them to accidentally call Africa racist

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Well…aren’t ALL the white people in Africa racists? Uuhhh…

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Say what you want about Elon, but he definitely provides entertainment value at least equal to Trump. 🍺😁

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Musk 28

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He cannot, sadly. He's unwilling to lie about his birthplace.

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My snap reactions to most headlines/stories these days can be boiled down to three different thoughts:

  1. Yeah, no shit.
  2. Oh, shit.

This story warrants reaction #3 and a whole bunch of popcorn. :D

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name checks out

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  1. Sheeeeeeittt...
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Add ok and I'm getting close to that place

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Shareholders like vanguard and blackrock? I’m sure they’ll line up to sell. Twitter is a propaganda disinformation war machine used to create and set narratives, they won’t let it go, they’ll burn it down before they allow Twitter to actually reflect the town square and not a false narrative pushed by socks and bots.

I hope he gets Twitter but I think the more real possibility he helps destroy Twitter, either way the troll was successful purely by showing Twitter is for propaganda not profit. Go get em musk <3

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They don't actually own those shares. They're just custodians of people who actually own the shares, usually in their 401ks. If the people who own the shares want to sell, there's nothing they can do to stop them.

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Thank you got understanding this.

If anyone is invested in the S&P 500 …pretty much 50% of the country? Huh…I never thought about population percentage invested in 401k, pensions, IRAs, brokerage….maybe it’s WAY more?

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This ^ this ^ this ^

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It's like DRSing Gamestop, that's the only way you own the actual shares.

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Ding Ding

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"Our lawsuit for the first time in history in the world brought out that the government has a Trusted Twitter Partnership. Let me repeat that again, a preferential… It’s like they have an Amex Black Card. They have a Trusted Twitter Partnership. Trusted Twitter Partnership. Let’s just remove the word ‘Twitter’. Trusted Partnership, unlike you and I, which are untrusted stranger ships, okay? And they have a portal that has been established for the government to report on people like me. And we’ll come back to this."

"Document written by the head of Twitter legal counsel in England talking about how they had set up the Partner Support Portal, PSP, the Trusted Twitter Partner Support Portal to enable the government, the parliamentary security forces of Britain, to report on what they called ‘potential threats’ through Twitter. That same infrastructure was deployed in India in the recent election and then also deployed in Taiwan, Australia, and was brought here in 2020 to the United States."

"And for four years Trump was in office. He didn’t do anything against Big Tech. He talked about it. The last 14 days, they took them off. Very nice, okay, you can keep up the brand. But nothing occurred to Big Tech because government has given Twitter Section 230 and in return Twitter gives the government a portal so you can report on American citizens."

The Elections Interference Operations Playbook

"Section 230 never got taken away because I bet you this will lead back to people in the government. We already know it leads back to FBI and others who actually use this portal. This government doesn’t give a damn about its people. They violate the First Amendment."



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Thanks. This is what I was getting at but its way early in the am here and Im just now on coffee.

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This incentivises people to purchase the stock and sell it to Elon for an easy profit. The board has a huge problem on their hands. They either sell, or don't sell and watch Elon fire sale the stock to nothing and piss off their entire stock holders who elected them.

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Should I buy twitter stock to sell to Elon? Argh!

HighCountryAZ 9 points ago +9 / -0

That's kinda "holyShit!!!" rad news. So EM got info re every share holder to contact them.. it wasn't confidential info?? Go Elon

ThePowerOfPrayer 5 points ago +5 / -0

Elon will post an announcement in major newspapers and it will be widely reported on. There's no need to contact the shareholders individually.

Tender Offer

 A tender offer is typically an active and widespread solicitation by a company or third party (often called the “bidder” or “offeror”) to purchase a substantial percentage of the company’s securities.  Bidders may conduct tender offers to acquire equity (common stock) in a particular company or debt issued by the company.  A tender offer where the company seeks to acquire its own securities is often referred to as an issuer tender offer.  A tender offer where a third party seeks to acquire another company’s securities is referred to as a third party tender offer.  

 A tender offer is only open for a limited period of time and is made to each individual security holder.  That means each security holder can decide for him or herself whether to tender his or her securities.  In addition, the terms of the tender offer, such as the price offered to purchase securities, are fixed.  The purchase price is usually at a premium to the current market price of the securities in order to encourage security holders to sell their securities.  Sometimes a tender offer is conditioned on security holders tendering a minimum number or value of securities.  For example, if an offeror establishes a minimum tender condition of five million shares of a target company’s common stock, the offeror will have no obligation to purchase any shares if only 4 million shares are tendered.

 Tender offers are regulated by the SEC, its rules and regulations, as well as the Exchange Act of 1934.  The SEC rules and regulations that apply to a tender offer depend on a number of factors. These factors include whether the tender offer is for equity or debt and whether the bidder is an issuer or a third party. If the tender offer is seeking equity securities, these factors also include whether such securities are “registered” pursuant to Section 12 of the Exchange Act or the issuer of such securities has another class of equity “registered” pursuant to Section 12 or is otherwise required to file periodic reports pursuant to Section 15(d) of the Exchange Act. 

 All tender offers are subject to anti-fraud provisions and certain procedural requirements relating to how long the offer must remain open, how quickly holders must be paid for their tendered securities, and the conditions required in order for a bidder to extend an offer.  This includes tender offers that result in ownership of five percent or less of the outstanding shares – also known as "mini-tender offers." You can learn more about the risks of mini-tender offers by reading our information on that topic.

 The vast majority of tender offers are subject to additional SEC rules and regulations and provisions of the Exchange Act.  These rules require bidders to file certain documents with the SEC that disclose important information about the bidders and the terms of the offer.  These documents include a Schedule TO and what is typically called an “Offer to Purchase” and can be found by looking up the target company’s name here.  Bidders are required to provide security holders notice of such tender offers. They will often provide such notice via newspaper advertisement or contacting security holders.  The rules also provide other protections to security holders.  These protections include: “withdrawal rights,” which is the right of security holders to withdraw their tender of securities within certain time periods; the requirement that the tender be open to all holders of the class of securities subject to the offer; and, the bidder’s obligation to provide each tendering holder with the “best price,” which means a bidder cannot offer different prices to different holders. 


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This sounds suspiciously like RETURNING POWER TO THE PEOPLE.😏

KickingPugilist 2 points ago +2 / -0

Like Gamestop's power to the gamer? 🤔

OGpat 8 points ago +8 / -0


HighCountryAZ 6 points ago +6 / -0

Yii haa!

KickingPugilist 2 points ago +2 / -0


Reefay 3 points ago +3 / -0

Ye? Ha!

KickingPugilist 3 points ago +3 / -0

That's a check mate, or that's a cheque, mate. Either way I'm footing the bill :(

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Move and countermoves.

Mrswags 5 points ago +5 / -0

Go Musk. Those Liberal bastards are shitting themselves at the idea that free speech might return to Twitter. However will they control the world if they can't control those Conservative ? lol

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I almost want to buy twitter stock so I can get tendies from Elon. 😂

merf 4 points ago +4 / -0

Hmm will the average index invested IRA holder have any means to signal YES support?

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I think if we can take Twitter away from these globalists and weaponize Twitter for freedom of speech let's do it!!!

Elon may not be perfect but from the way I understand it he thinks he can do better for Twitter 🐦

I myself as a businessman can see the potential in this... And as a bonus round watch the DNC and RNC sink!

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Any tendies jokes? nope? ok.

MineOwnSelf 2 points ago +2 / -0

How does this not trigger the 15% cap the board set?

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Wow. just wow.

ATLAS_ONE 2 points ago +2 / -0

Tendies at the ready.

SoMuchWinning45 2 points ago +2 / -0

Dude's learned from Trump.

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A plan within a plan within a plan....

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WinnerofGames [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0



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"them" will turn up majority owners at various levels of shell hiding.

they will "vote" no.

escapefromearth 1 point ago +1 / -0

I bought 1 share. Can I vote lol.

Iwasnevergivenaname -2 points ago +3 / -5

While this would be a smart move, I still don't think it'll work. According to a quick internet search, Vanguard, Blackrock, Morgan Stanley, and several other similars/hedgies own at least 45% of the stock (though they probably don't have complete control of all 45% of those shares) Basically, they can influence a large portion of Twitter investors making it difficult for Musk to pull this off.

CarbonWinter 8 points ago +8 / -0

They are institutional holdings which mean they are beholden to their customers who by contract can influence the way the fund behaves.

justicein2020 1 point ago +2 / -1

Only in theory.

weasel speak: <for the good of whatever community best future liberal misinformation something something.>

"we can't let that happen!"

they're already saying stuff like that. the rules don't apply THIS TIME

Iwasnevergivenaname -2 points ago +3 / -5

Unfortunately, a good portion of their customers aren't the type to go against the recommendation of their money/fund managers. I realize that, ultimately, the power is in the hands of the investor, but not a lot of them are willing to exercise that power.

CarbonWinter 7 points ago +7 / -0

Respectfully Disagree. When it comes to peoples money, they pay attention! And they get pissed!

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I admire your faith in humanity. However, between Trump's inauguration and the start of CoViD, I heard this quite frequently:

"Yeah my 401k is doing better than it ever has and everything is cheap af, but hes a racist cheetoh so I hate him"

And during the election, true quote "yeah my business is doing better than ever and his policies make it possible for me to thrive but he's a sexist, and a rapist. I have a daughter and I don't want her growing up in a world where he's in charge, so Im voting Biden"

If msm tells them selling for bigly profits and a yuge win for free speech is bad, they'll vote no.

KickingPugilist 2 points ago +2 / -0

Grocery baggers at whole goods don't constitute the bulk of 401k

Elle4gotMyPW 1 point ago +3 / -2

This! We are distracted by the noise when those same ds companies own stock and are on boards of twatter as well as all those social media. smoke and mirros