Gratitude Post 🌎 WWG1WGAWW 🌍
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Today I am 29 years old and the only feeling I have about today is gratitude. Every day, I am so thankful that God chose ME to be a warrior. He woke me up and He strengthened me throughout my life. But ESPECIALLY these past two years. But I am especially grateful today. I have so much life ahead of me and to be awake at this time in my life is such a blessing. I am so unbelievably grateful that I woke up just in time to avoid getting the vax. I am also grateful for God bringing me to this site. I have prayed for truth and asked God to steer me away from Satans deception. The wisdom to understand truth from all the fake. I am so grateful God brought me to you all. I know that we are only connected via internet, but it is amazing to have such a supportive, patriotic, and Godly community. I’m sure most people are reflective on their birthdays, but I just had to post here to publicly thank God, the father, Jesus Christ, DJT, and my fellow anon frens. Thank you for all you do!! I’m just so grateful.