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I stumbled onto Q in January, 2018 because I kept seeing references to Q in the Conservative Treehouse comments section. Can't even remember how I found CTH. One of the first big "proofs" for me in real time was the John Perry Barlow thing. I didn't know who he was on January 27 when Q posted his name in the "NOBODY is safe" post 628, so I looked him up. A couple of weeks later he was dead. At the time I thought "Maybe this Q person knew he was sick." But I also thought picking someone like Barlow as relevant to the deep state issues being discussed would require a pretty wild imagination. There was something about his random relevance and the fact that truth is stranger than fiction that grabbed me.

Fast forward and I am older and maybe just a wee bit wiser. My entire world view has been flipped upside down. I have spent a significant percentage of my adult life reading and researching and listening to podcasts, and the only thing I know for sure is that I don't know the half of it. Carry On Digital Soldiers! Just wanted to share. When did you find Q?