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To All Anons and Patriots as Trump asks for calm and legal #protests IF, If he is arrested: You need to be aware ANTIFA/BLM will be infiltrating the protests to be violent and start riots J6-Style! They are prepaid and coordinated to possibly attempt to start a KINETIC Civil War. WE THE PEOPLE need to be fully alert to this, resist, and not join in their illegal fray! We Anons will monitor all News, Info, and Intel to provide updates. Let’s Goooooo Guys and Gals!!


Twitter, FaceBook, Truth, Telegram, MSM Social Media News Sites, Blue Capital Cities and Blue States, Even here on their “Organizer” Essay and Books page, https://slingshotcollective.org/the-essays-that-appear-in-the-slingshot-organizer/

We must DIG! Pour through what ever we can to pry up the best/closet information we can about WHERE The Cabal/ANTIFA/BLM will operate! Then we alert and encourage Patriots to NOT PROTEST in those areas Period! Yes, we also go NO MASKS ON, and unarmed (no firearms except legal conceal-carry.). Patriots do not cover faces! We are unafraid to show our faces while supporting President Trump.

(Pepper spray and having a gas mask in a pack just in case is fine, and have water and a 1st aid kit to help) But Show Your Face. ANTIFA/BLM or Feds won’t do this! That’s how we tell.

Again do what you do best Anons. Much love and respect and God bless you all. WWG1WGA