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After four hours it is recommended you consult you physician.

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To hell with consulting a physician, after 4 hours of this kind of Disney news you better call an ambulance. Might want to request one with an extra tall door and a sun roof....

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Or you will pop like those cartoon characters that turns into a thermometer when they get steamed..

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Alright pedes, calm down.

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This legislature is NOT the great thing people here think it is. It wipes $2B of debt off of Disney's books. It needs to be modified to include the fact that they are still on the hook for the debt.

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Does it say the debt is forgiven or does it not specifically include a provision on how they will pay it? Cause in my mind, unless it forgives them of the debt, Disney still owes it.

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The bill is pretty simple. It "dissolves" the independent special district (Reedy Creek) where they have $2B in debt in bonds. The assets and the debt would likely transfer to Orlando.

Either way, it needs to be clearly stated that the debt stays with Disney.

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If we remember, Patriots, the EO:

Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption


Underline & remember: Disney had special access to Epstein's Island.

https://www.govinfo.gov/app/details/DCPD-201700923 DCPD-201700923 - Executive Order 13818-Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

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No, it wouldn't, ex post facto, or retroactive, punishments are a horrible precedent, and at least in criminal matters forbidden by our Constitution.

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They were under contract so unless the contract was signed under fraudulent circumstances he can't. Anons should dig there

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well that would be like arresting someone for a crime that wasnt illegal at the time they committed it, sounds great but you cant do that

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They fact that DeSantis can so publicly and swiftly deal with a powerful entity like Disney makes me think the deep state has lost a lot of its fangs.

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DeSantis and Disney

Elon and Twitter


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POTUS and the United States of America, the Constitutional Republic, not the Corporation

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Gold backed dollhairs. Hnghhhhh

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For real, sitting on 250oz of silver… would love a 1000+ dollar value oer ounce if gold back becomes reality

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I knew buying all this jewlery at a bit over spot value would pay off!

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Crypto designated as the new Dollar

The people's currency.

Gold backed of course.

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Trump and USA

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No kidding, what's Disney gonna leave Florida? Lol

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If disney leaves Orlando, it will become the next Detroit.

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Seriously. It's already on the border of becoming it.

I own a dozen rentals near Disney, they'd become worthless the second disney bounced.

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Some downvoters seem to disagree with the notion, so perhaps you'll find buyers for them should you wish to sell them. I don't expect them to leave, however, but rather get reformed. Hopefully that won't take very long.

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If Disney leaves its because they went woke and out of business.

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It will never happen.

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Not a chance.

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IMO Disney will become a real estate development.

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Nah. Too costly to develop. They'd have to tear everything down, pay for animals to be moved, break up cement foundations, tear out the entire underground structure. It's too valuable as a theme park for that to change. Worst case scenario, the state of Florida takes it over, and strips out all the live entertainment, and it becomes like Silver Springs.

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Patriot World.

Hall of Presidents as far as the eye can see.

Bald Eagle fly overs every hour.

Every "cast member" is Uncle Sam on stilts.

Possibilities are endless!

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Now that's a park I'd go to.

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Leave Florida and go to Jersey. LoL.

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is the bill a lock to pass the other chamber and be signed?

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What's the key word in "deep state"? STATE. What entity just became more powerful? The STATE. You think it's a win because you dislike Disney, but Disney's only ability to cause damage is through culture, the state itself is the more dangerous threat given the damaged state of our cutlure.

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Opposite take:

Disney (like most of the megacorps doing so much damage today) have succeeded explicitly because of their government dealings. In Disney's case they've been granted a lot of special privileges the rest of us don't have (tax exemptions, some component of self-governance, etc.), but they haven't exactly been providing a lot back to the government or the people of Florida that I can figure.

This is a textbook example of "deal with the devil"; Disney got to ride it high for a long time, but just as easily as the government givith the government can takeith away.

This is NOT a case of the government somehow stripping Disney or others of their rights, constitutional or otherwise. This is the government putting Disney back on a level playing field with the rest of us, and taking away their arguably unfair and unjust special statuses over the rest of us.

By doing this, they kneecap Disney, AND they break down the unholy alliance between the corrupt parts of the government and the corrupt companies. I am fairly confident that neither can live with out each other, so dividing them is a logical step to defeating both. It has the added bonus of making all of these mega-corporations that have been getting rich off of taxpayer dollars and exemptions think twice about their strategy.

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I have a simple take on things. Just about anything that increases government power is bad. Just about anything that increases personal freedom is good.

And I'd point to Universal Studios as proof you don't need special zoning or tax breaks to run the most visited theme park in the world.

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How does ending Disney's unfair tax break & special privileges make the state more powerful? The state of Florida has the same amount of power as before. The difference will be, once this passes through the House and is signed by DeSantis, is Disney must pay up like everyone else. Taxes suck and if us little people are forced to pay at gunpoint so should Disney. Lord knows they fund the politicians that pass our tax hikes into law. Maybe now they'll get a taste of what they've been missing out on.

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Because money = power. The more money the State has the more it can afford to interfere in its citizens lives and the more agents it can hire to harass them. It's basically transferring money from citizens, and foreign visitors, to the government.

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Fraud vitiates everything, fiat money=fraud.. J/S

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That's great and all, but until you get a Court to actually HEAR THE CASE, or the legislature to actually do its job, or the military to get sick of this and act against the domestic enemies that comprise our government, it doesn't matter.

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This dude gets shit done at a nearly Trumpian pace

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It's remarkable what can get passed when you aren't backstabbed every step of the way by RINO traitors.

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'Disney done went and messed with the wrong Governor.'

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DeSantis the Groomer Slayer!

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The Groomer's Doom!

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Now they get to be inspected by government officials, I wonder what they'll find...

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What did they find in Anthony Weiner's laptop which they've had for years? What did they find in Hunter Biden's laptop which they've had for years? Why do you think these government officials are ones you can trust or who would be looking for anything but building code violations?

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the long game is being played, you should know that by now.

as stated on this forum:, By Q.

"Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc. etc., should not be participating in discussions." Q"

what makes you think inspectors sent to disney world aren't going to be operatives?

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Because if they were truly in control they'd have operatives IN Disney already and know exactly what is going on there. Do you really imagine if something nefarious was going on there they wouldn't do exactly what every tinpot dictator does when they know UN weapons inspectors might show up at a site and move the activity elsewhere? Such as any of their other international parks.

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ok, assume that whites hats are in control , and they do have operatives in disney. So now Disney is expecting "inspectors", and they try to move their assets and operation to somewhere else,. That may very well be the Trap all along., everything white hat done so far seems to have a plan A and a Plan B, they are forcing black hats to make uncomfortable moves. I think the timing of this legislation being passed is completely intentional, they wouldn't have passed it now if they weren't ready

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What about their districts billion dollar debt? It is absorbed by the overtaking district is it not?

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This is only the senate. Now it has to pass the House.

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Do you believe it won't?

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It's ok to remind us that it's not 100% completed its legal process.

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Fair, but I'm also wondering if there is legitimate concern.

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I think many have adopted the "I'll see it when I see it" attitude given Republicans.. since there are so many who are willing to betray their people. I agree though with your expectation that I think it will pass, but I'm not willing to say it's a "given".

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Fair, again.

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I don't know the Florida legislature very well at all. I sure hope it passes the House. We'll see I reckon.

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Big win!!!!

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About time someone made a dent in the Disney train. Under all the velvet glove kiddie stuff there is an iron fistful of dollars. Unlike in Walt's time, today it's all about greed and the Benjamins and conditioning children's minds to Leftist precepts. They deserve to lose their tax breaks.

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It's the best way to take down and clear out the Woke Disney bastards.

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Excellent. And I assume that the list of individuals who voted against this is public knowledge. For the future.

Edit: (Click on, S 4C at bottom, Results 23 Yeas - 16 Nays)


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Just so it's clear since it doesn't list it there, this was exactly across party lines (Democrats voting against, republicans voting for). Only two deviations:

Taddeo (Democrat) was a no vote.

Brandes (Republican - Tampa) voted against it but on the principle that it is wiping out $2B of debt off of disney's plate and shouldn't be benefiting them in any way. Which is a fair reason to vote against it.

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Interesting - I doubt their theme park business model is viable without the nefarious off-the-books products and services they offer. What's more, this could lead to the presence of non-friendly law enforcement officers, inspectors, etc. It is not going to be easy to cover up their sins and change their business model with short notice.

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You'd be wrong, their theme park business is enormously profitable and their ticket price increases outpace inflation. Their theme park segment generated $2.45 BILLION in profit last year.


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Yea - right you are. Well, I still think the revenue enhancement from human trafficking was an important part of their business model.

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If that were true would you not expected California and Florida to have disproportionately higher missing persons reports per capita? But they don't, Alaska far and away does, and Arizona is #2.


And exactly how many people do you think they traffic and how much do you think they get paid for a trafficked person? Both numbers would have to be staggering to be a drop in the bucket to a $21 billion a year in earnings company.

PilgrimFarAway 1 point ago +1 / -0



noun exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. "he vowed revenge with oaths and hyperboles"

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Shouldn't the lefties at least credit him for doing this? Always thought they hated corporate tax exemptions?

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They were warned. Disney delivered the most expensive lecture in human history and expected clapping at the end. Instead, they got this.

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Wow, this is fucking amazing!

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is this really what we're reduced too, cheering that the Government's power is expanding just because we don't like the entity facing more regulation?

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Ahh hahaha yes I love you guys in Florida. If it wasn't so fucking hot I would live there.

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At least I don't have to shovel snow.

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I never trust any tweet with an alarm light emoji and the word "breaking".

Also, how can a scheduled public vote be "breaking" news.

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Wow that was quick unlike a single development about election fraud.

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Damn that was fast. Get er done.

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Eject the 16

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Duck Fisney~

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Good timing with all the pedi stuff coming out

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Boooooooooom! Time for a POLICE RAID on the Disney World castle's Club 33, and make sure the search warrant includes all backstage areas to find the hidden rooms, elevators and stairs. Fuck Pedo Disney Groomers.

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Unbelievable!! I never thought it would happen. Moves him one step closer to based governor status. I know many put him in that category already, but I'm very jaded abt pols who look great up front but have a disproportionate hat/cattle ratio.

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The worst performing stock in the last 12 months….

All kinds of bad publicity about grooming and LBTQIAXYZ ….

Now you lose your tax exemption status???

Yet not one firing ? Not one resignation? No outrage from shareholders?


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Fuck Adult Mickey right up the bunghole

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The thing I'm leary of regarding Desantis is his pro Jew stance. He has mentioned passing anti-semite laws which really they mean Anti-Satan laws.