McCarthy caved exactly as expected 💥TRUST THE PLAN... 💥
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Absolutely no surprise. You cannot expect a politician that is constantly part of the spending problem to do anything to end it. He sided with the Uniparty again. Can someone please explain why DJT and MTG pushed so hard for McCarthy to be Speaker? I wonder how much of that $4T increase will end up going to Ukraine (Zelinsky) and the pockets of Soros, the Dems, the Rinos and to support LBGTQ, illegals, more bioweapons. This isn't putting lipstick on a pig, it's putting more fat on a hog that's already too big to move.. And what did McCarthy get in return? Ready for it...."PROMISES". Yep. And We The People are supposed to watch our taxes go thru the roof and happily pay OUR fair share of this debacle, in other words, for all of it.

I gotta chill before I write something I might regret