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We all know that the fiat financial beast system has to collapse before we can find our freedom as humanity.

US Dollar has to lose its reserve status because its backed by blood and wars.

Trump has said that if USD cannot afford to lose its reserve status.

We are also seeing lot of indications that the "Black Swan" event is imminent.

Mike Johnson has given all the indications that he is a solid guy and has proven, by action, time and again, the smears by both the left and alt media are baseless.

There is also a very good indication that he is the first speaker of the restored republic (more in comments).

So we are at the point where it seems impossible for him to pass a budget without funding Ukraine and Israel and it seems even a proper border funding seems to be impossible at this point, and MTG has said that she is going move to vacate his post.

We have also seen resignations by RINOs and suspected they are trying to turn the house blue.

So what is a good theory that can cover all these things and explain what might be going on ?

My contention: The USD cannot collapse under a House thats under our control, but it has to collapse under Biden's watch.

Theory: MAGA will stand the ground and choose to "lose control" of the House (what options? Oust Mike? Mike resigns? RINOs back stab him?). Dems take control and pass the Ukraine/Israel funding bill, just in time for the financial collapse. It will be proven that this final bill is the straw that broke the Camel's back and we will approach the precipice as most of the remaining sleepers start to wake up as they feel the heat.