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Since I've seen some memesters look forward to the Q followers mental gymnastics about this I will happily oblige.

Yes, it is 4d chess. No this is not coping. In fact it is not that complicated.

Reason 1 has been discussed quite heavily on this platform. If Trump was anti-vax he would get attacked heavily. Everyone not taking the vax would be labelled a Trumpster and a lot of people who are against the vaccine and Trump would be hesitant to get this label. The media would absoluty bombard him on a daily basis and blame him for people dying.

Reason 2. He is winning favour with the vaxtards.

The media brainwashing relies heavily on black/white propaganda. Us vs them. To a lot of the propagandized lemmings this is now the only thing that matters. They genuinely believe that the pandemic is only persisting because not enough people are getting the jabs.

This shifts their hatred of Trump towards the new common enemy. In this fight he has become an ally to them. In the same way that here in my country some establishment crooks who Ive protested against heavily in the past are now coming out against the vaccine. It is easy to put aside former differences in favor of getting more allies in what has become the most divisive issue of our times.

I have had many Trump hating friends actually say they commend him for this. They believe that if he convinces some of his supporters to get injected this is a good thing.

Gradually they will start to think maybe he wasn't that bad. Maybe he wasn't the problem all along. Just his crazy conspiracy theorist supporters.

Of course in the long run this would be a betrayal. A lot of Trump supporters now are expressing their anger towards him for this. The normies see this and it shifts their emotional hatred for Trump towards those attacking him.

Of course there are some who will hate him all the same but even if it only lessens a good percentage of this demography's hatred for him then this will be crucial for the next part of the show.

We all know by now why Trump had to give up the White House, temporarily. So when Durham strikes it can not be labelled as him going after his political enemies. Now, combine that with the fact that a lot of his most fervent haters are now open to the possibilty that he wasn't as bad as they had been thinking and you have a situation which could play out quite favourably for him, and for us.

The Maga crowd that isn't privy to Q research will be angry but they will still want to see justice for Spygate and election fraud. They will still want to see big tech censorship stopped. They will still want to have Maxwell conspirators jailed and prosecuted.

When these things start to happen you have to have the normies open to the possibility that they have been lied to. That Trump genuinely had been wronged. If you can get only 10% to start arguing his case (types like Russell Brand are already doing this) we will be very close to have reached critical mass.

If you are one of those who find this far fetched than I would ask you to find a better explanation.

Is it less far fetched than Trump simply going against the vast majority of his supporters for no reason? Is it less far fetched than Trump genuinely being oblivous to the massive injuries being inflicted on people by the vaccines?

So he was deep state all along? Why then not keep the grift going longer? Why not rant against the vax and make himself and us an easy target?

Why would he have promoted alternative treatments to covid only to ignore them later in favor of a highly risky potentially lethal treatment?

I understand a lot of people are perplexed by this but it wouldn't be the first time. If the white hats weren't keeping us guessing then the deep state wouldn't be kept guessing either.