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I probably shoulda started this alot sooner than now but i figure better late than never.

I talked to my vet about it. He has heard about it being used in humans for cancer. But hasnt heard if it works or not. He doesnt think it will work. But he says its not gonna hurt to try. And if it does do anything for her,he wants to know.

I cant sit here and do nothing while i watch her die. Shes got plenty of life left in her. Shes still running around like a puppy.shes still trying to eat like a pig and play with her toys but the lump on her face makes it hard for her to open her mouth. Shes not laying around or sleeping more than she usually does,its all she does anyways.she was never a hyper go go go type dog anyways.

We shall see what happens. If yall could send some hopes and prayers her way,id appreciate it.