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So, I've been thinking about how the mass media keeps people asleep and thinking the opposite of reality, especially when it comes to the Russia situation. Or should that be "the Western situation"?

I remember reading in history books that in WW2, when the war was declared over and that Japan had lost, the general Japanese citizenry outside of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were absolutely blown away in shock and mental fragmentation because they'd been hearing non-stop from the Emperor's radio broadcasts to keep fighting because Japan was winning.

I can see a similar situation happening here. The sleeping, media-fed population of the West will be baffled when the Western Deep State loses the game.

They won't know how to process it outside of further feelings of agitation at Russia, rather than agitation at the Deep State for being dishonest.

I started to think, how lucky we are to have this movement, that we may have a chance on all fronts to minimise the global harm done by these psychopaths, simply by providing counter-opinions and research in real time.

This info war can be taxing and mindshattering, but there's a chance to avoid complete and total mental break, which, in a world full of mind-control, is a helluva thing.