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Hello my fellow Patriots. Just a quick backstory about myself and rally experiences for those who haven’t been to one before. I’ve been blessed to see Trump speak in person 6 times now after today. I highly encourage all Patriots to see Trump in person if they have a chance.

For those who haven’t been to a rally before. You’re allowed to wear virtually anything except Q memorabilia. Each and every rally I’ve been to I always wear a Q shirt and once you get to the entrance check point secret service will tell you to either turn your shirt inside out or put another shirt/jacket over your Q shirt.

For some reason today when I got to the secret service entrance check point not 1 agent said a word about my Q shirt. It’s not a small Q either. It’s a giant Q in the middle of the shirt with “Where we go one we go all” around the Q. I had at least 10 different agents look directly at me and my shirt and didn’t say a word. So I thought wow they seem to allow Q memorabilia now and that’s interesting.

I’m standing in one of the bleacher sections slightly off to his right and slightly behind him. But very close overall to Trump. About 10-15 minutes into Trump’s speech a couple of secret service/private security agents gather in front of my section and are staring and pointing right at me. One of them was about to attempt to come into the crowd in our section but it was so tightly packed you couldn’t easily enter anywhere. They signaled for me to come down to them and I obliged. They politely told me I just needed to turn my Q shirt inside out. I did as they asked and told them I’ve been to previous rallies and so I knew it was a rule then but wasn’t sure if it was one still now. I then asked the private security agent why only Q memorabilia isn’t allowed. And all he said was “He doesn’t want it” He referring to Trump. I asked him if he could clarify further and all he could say again was “he doesn’t want it for the campaign rallies” Later on during Trump’s speech when Trump would look clearly in my direction, I would do obvious “Air Q’s” right at him to see if he would reciprocate. I also do this at every rally and it’s never been a problem. But once again secret service/private security told me not to even make “Air Q’s” with my hand/arm! Which makes no sense to me cause we have seen Trump do Air Q’s many times after speaking. I’ve seen him do it at least twice in the times I’ve seen him live.

So now I want to get into a discussion and theorize with my fellow digital soldiers. The question is straight forward. Why doesn’t Trump want us to wear Q memorabilia at his rallies? The only obvious logical answer I can think of is he doesn’t want someone wearing a Q shirt who might do something stupid like rush the stage and then give the fake news media fuel to discredit the Q movement.

I’m just a little frustrated cause Trump rallies are the happiest experiences in my life. There’s no greater feeling to be surrounded by thousands, often tens of thousands, of like minded people who are either fully or semi red pilled. Meeting other Q Patriots at rallies feels like meeting people you’ve known your entire life. It’s extraordinary. I just wish I could understand more about why we can’t wear Q stuff into his rallies and promote the movement and research and stuff to other Trump supporters. Any ideas are welcomed.

God bless. WWG1WGA!