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/TLDR People are assholes, myself included, but there is common ground/

I don't feel great about it, either.

I had a long layover in Miami, so I sat down at a bar for a late lunch. An older gent, probably about 60-65 sits down next to me and immediately begins chatting up a guy a few seats down, and I'm already annoyed.

But whatever. No biggie. I'll be out in about 45 minutes anyway. Then another two guys sit down across the way. All four are chatting about their world travels, kids, family stuff. Cool.

Then the guy next to me starts talking about American politics and the hair stood on the back of my neck.

Please not here. Don't do it

He hasn't named any names yet in his rant, and I'm okay with that. He goes on to brag about how he's been a multimillionaire for the past 15 years because he invested in bitcoin when it was 43 cents a share. So now he just travels the world. Very privileged.

And the one thing he's noticed is just how bad American politics are.

Okay. Okay that's fine.

And then there it is: "I mean, we had Donald Trump as president so it can't get any worse."

I let it slide. I'm not getting baited.

Then one of the other guys agrees. "It's fucking insane here when you think about it. Trump's the biggest asshole on the planet"

My wife sees my eyes and rubs my arm.

I still don't say anything. I'll be out soon . I ask for the check.

Dipshit next to me then goes on to say "Listen, I'm not going to lie, my finances were better than ever when Trump was president, but you know I can't support a fascist..."

Where's my fucking check?

My wife is growing ever the more frightened.

Then the dipshit lobs the bomb out there.

"You know, say what you want about Biden, but he's just a good man. I met him a few times and he is just a great guy"

I let out a loud chuckle.

I said "Come on, man. He's been a proven liar since the 70s"

I met him just after his wife passed and...

Me: "He's a criminal, and far worse. You've got to be kidding me. Just stop."

Compared to Trump..

Me: " Forget Trump. We're taking about Biden. He's a piece of shit"

One of the other guys was smiling at me since he probably agreed. The other two were silent.

These Trumpers are always the same...

"Yeah. Genuine concern about family and country. Correct. Must be terrible for you. And every commie has been the same since the beginning. So stay out of my country if you don't like it."


My check comes. The guy sheepishly buys me a beer.

We end up talking for another 30 minutes. We're both from NJ. Lots in common. The other guys are chiming in and everything is peachy, but my nervous energy is still keeping me on edge {I actually get very nervous when I get into arguments}

He ends up saying I love this guy -about me - after I say I have to leave.

I truly wish I could say the same but my blood was boiling.

I get his next drink and depart peacefully.

So one guy just travels the world and has not a worry. Of course politics don't really effect him so he can have these hot takes.

One of the other guys is a professional diver. Yes, a diver that travels the world to all kinds of exotic places-and dives .

Seems fairly privileged to me.


I'm just a construction foreman.

{Yes I know I could have said a lot more about Biden, but this conversation was about a 20 second explosion in a public place}