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The evidence is not overwhelming yet, but there are a few signs that is what they are aiming for. I am under the belief that Patriots are in Control, and many of the horrible things done by the Biden administration is under guidance of the White Hats to help steer beliefs and behavior.

Here are a few things I've noticed.

  1. Trump was just speaking in California.

  2. Illegals are being shipped in massive numbers to blue areas such as New York. Even their leaders are squawking about it. Why wouldn't they dems just keep them in Texas or ship them to a place like North Dakota? Why piss off your constituents.

  3. Biden's puny $700 to victims in Hawaii while flaunting the $100 billion being sent to Ukraine. These politicians are traditionally very politically savvy. Why go out of their way to show how little you care about the American people?

  4. RFK jr running as an independent. Many republicans are afraid he will peel votes from Trump and not from Biden. If this were the case, the media would be promoting him 24\7. The Democrats always say "nobody voted for Biden, but Trump was SOO evil that democrats came out to vote for him." Well...now they'll have an alternative.

His message of anti vaccine has indeed resonated with a lot of conservatives while alienating a lot of liberals. A lot can happen in 2024. The narrative of the vaccine could very quickly go south. What happens if the 2024 narrative changes to the vaccine was poison and it was the fault of Operation Warp Speed?

I don't think that will take many Trump votes yet, but there will be a lot of angry liberals that don't want to vote for Biden who they'll also secretly blame for the poison injected in their bodies. Likewise, if RFK jr. is part of the plan, I anticipate he will begin to start talking about positions traditionally favorable Democrat voters, ie "mo money" instead of the woke crap.

I don't think winning 50 states will be just for bragging purposes or to satisfy the ego of DJT. I think it will be necessary to have to most conclusive victory and mandate in history in order to begin arresting THOUSANDS of politicians and bureaucrats around the country starting in 2025.