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Trying times isn’t it? It seems like we never seem to go on offense. Like it’s just deep state win after win. We want to see black helicopters and politicians in handcuffs. We want to be vindicated for our research, after all of the accusations of conspiracy theory. Stay strong. Imagine being Trump. You get handed a folder that proves the election was rigged, by enemies both foreign and domestic, and you can’t say shit. You can’t shove it in CNNs face. All the ridicule from every possible angle, and he had the proof in his hand from day one. All he can do is keep telling the truth. The election was rigged. But he can’t prove it yet. Not publicly. So we must be patient like him. Trust the plan.

In the meantime, let’s do an assessment of our progress and our enemies. Censorship. We are winning. Compare now to 2020. Tucker Carlson is the biggest barometer of change. Russel Brand is another one. Their old playbook doesn’t work anymore. Elon and others like Rumble are not caving. Supreme Court is about to uphold the lawsuits against Biden, and completely ban the government from interacting with social media in regard to censorship. The 5th circuit dropped a bombshell on that one. I’m very very confident the SC will do the same. They are trying to regain their image, and make up for 2020.

Ukraine. Source of Vindman, Crowdstrike, Burisma, and the geographical home base of the deep state corruption and money laundering. 80% of Ukraine government is foreign born. The WEF essentially bought a fucking country. And now Putin owns half of it. And if he wants, he can have the rest. The only thing stopping Russia from driving into Kiev is Russia. Ukraine is being removed from the board.

China. Financial decapitation. It’s hard to overstate how badly China is being fucked right now. It’s over. Every factory funded by Taiwan and the west over the last 30 years is closing. Some are coming back to the US. Some Vietnam, India. And this is happening quickly. Apple is moving its production as fast as it possibly can. The glory days are over. 50% of 20 year olds are unemployed. It got so bad they stopped releasing the numbers. This is decades of globalist capitulation to China being reversed in less than 4 years.

Right there we have the 2 countries called out specifically relating to election interference, and both of them look much different now than they did in 2020. They are getting fucked.

Immigration. “You have to show them.” Compare Eric Adams in 2022 and Eric Adams now. “Immigration is going to destroy this city.” All of these fucking idiot lefties in Dem cities are having bus loads of red pills being dumped into their neighborhoods every week. You have to set the stage for what’s to come. Millions of people being deported. How do you get liberals on board with that? You show them. You flood their neighborhoods with illegals. Compare sentiment regarding immigration now, and in 2020. It’s changed. And every week it will change more as normies start to see their streets flooded with illegals.

The Fed. The fed has been broken. It no longer has the power to do shit. The petrodollar is over. The federal reserve note doesn’t even exist anymore, and it’s also no longer the worlds reserve currency. No longer can the deep state use sanctions to keep countries in line. The path has been cleared completely to restore American currency to a gold back US treasury note. Not some useless fiat Bank of England/Rothschilds piece of inflated toilet paper. No longer will your own taxpayers dollars be controlled by unelected private bankers. It’s going back to the US treasury. That one is right in the open.

We want to see guys in fatigues kicking doors in and sending traitors to the gulag. But that’s not what this is. It’s a new kind of war. Information over bullets. Cyberspace. Banking. Global trade. We don’t see our wins bragged about publicly. Elon isn’t bragging about being a part of a plan.

But the wins are there. It’s not happening overnight. It’s a series of miracles. The military flat out told us in a damn commercial what is happening. There is a ghost in the machine. We don’t see the ghost. All we see is the machine breaking. Keep a level head and just watch everything with an open mind. When you see a win, recognize it for what it is.

The best is yet to come. The red folder is real.