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I’ve been doing this from the start, I was plucked from the RAND Group and put to work specifically on right-wing boards. The details aren’t important, just know I’m legit.

And I’m tired of it, guys. All is takes is hitting a few key pressure points / emotion releases that the right material can strike in anons, over and over, like a whack-a-mole.

Why it sucks now:

I can tweak another Fetterman picture and anons can identify another clone. I can pull combat footage from anywhere in the last 20 years of geopolitics, stick a new title on it, clip the inconsistencies, and post it here as proof of a hidden cabal shadow war unfolding out of sight. I can alter a photo, or a map, or a screenshot, or a caption, and this site will believe it. Here’s 2015 Hilary wearing a bracelet, but wait, what could it mean if I just tweak the image a little, make it look more like handcuffs, and say it’s from last Tuesday? If it’s caught and corrected, too late — bunch of people already saw it.

It is NOT FUN anymore. It’s the same old stuff, it’s lazy.

Who is the enemy anymore? Back in the day, there were key players in Q posts: Soros, Hillary, Huma. But Q predicted poorly: they’ve all fallen from relevance, and Qdom’s villains have lost their definition. These days, it’s usually some combination of “nazi socialist commie stalinist Democrats”, which has the same structure as “demon vampire zombie alien witches”. Scary terms, but it’s a boogeyman made out of buzzwords, broad and sweeping and ready to apply to anything anons don’t like.

But when the bad guy is conveniently reduced to an amorphous, all-encompassing “they”, it’s incredibly easy to use as a scare tactic, with no further explanations required. Where’s the art, the craftsmanship in stoking anons’ fears?

Yall’s media has made my job so much harder; they’re beating us at our own game. Fox News/OANN/Breitbart/Newsmax (plus a thousand different blogs-disguised-as-news-sites) yank everyone’s attention to the latest threat-of-the-week and conveniently-right-wing talking points. Antifa, BLM, CRT, migrant caravans, drag queens -- pick a story, blow it up, paint it in terrifying colors, and present it as the next life-and-death threat to Real Americans.

I can’t compete with that. How am I supposed to push your buttons when @LeadingReport and RealAmericanPatriotNews.org keeps mashing them nonstop?

This is why leftie trolling sucks now: it’s just SAD. But not in a “pathetic” way. I mean it’s sad, as in: it’s disappointing, it’s disheartening, the shit that you guys are going through. It’s hard to make fun of someone who is suffering, every day, alienated from friends and family.

What I see in anons:

You guys are not enemies, or monsters, or idiot unAmericans. What I see is people who, over years of struggle, have put a LOT of hope into a LOT of different places, and some of those places have viciously misled them: bad faith actors using ego/fear/pride against their innocent followers, for profit. A grand conspiracy makes more sense, feels much stabler, and eases more worries than unpredictable chaos and the banality of evil.

With Q, all I have to do is nothing, and everything everywhere will be solved, eventually. Until then: The President sends me secret messages through the computer, and confirmation bias will do the rest.

I’ll go submit my hours and prepare for the next trolling gig, but in the meantime, if there’s a lesson here: nobody is immune to propaganda, and you are not inferior for having your empathy and self-preservation instincts exploited by manipulators who use paranoia, doubt, and guilt as a weapon.

To you all — I am sorry you’ve lost so much. You got swept up in a movement that gave you purpose and offered knowledge and understanding, but it was a lie. It’s hard to admit you’ve been conned when you’ve paid such a high price, but it’s the only way out of the daily suffering that Qdom brings.

Thus endeth.