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Anons we’ve had plenty of posts on the upcoming Supreme Court Case 22-380. People have been posting on why it’s important, will it fly or not fly. Well Juan O’Savin brings up one of the best discussions really coming to a head or the point starting at 12min in and reaches the mountain top point at 14ish, finishing gloriously at 18min!! But hearing the 2-3 min leading up is so important for context! See the linked Rumble video below. Anyway I’ve read the entire case, and listened carefully to Juan, and of course every one of his videos spanning near 2 years.

But in this video Juan seriously gets to the point of why this case is being taken up and why it’s soooooo important to the Supreme Court!! Pay attention please.

To summarize, the Lame-Duck Congress or even new Congress is per plan, the heads of the parties (Juan does not name but I Am) Shumer, McConnel and McCarthy, are going all in on “de-fanging” the Supreme Court for Roe vs Wade and other lesser decisions or Future decisions by: removing their “lifetime appointments”, “packing the court”, and other sneaky legislation to neuter their 3rd Branch powers. All of The Legislative Pieces To De-Fang them are already set to be voted on by committees and main houses! It’s already to go and the Supreme Court now has wind of all this!

So, what do they do?! Toss the case? Let the legislative moves happen then fight it later, going up against TWO Known Compromised Branches? Or do they take the defensive to save their Constitutional duty, and take Theeee Only Chance they have before ANY Of The Pieces of Cabal legislation can be heard, and obliterate all of the treason, killing two Birds with ONE STONE! David vs Goliath!! THIS Is BIBLICAL!!

Am I making Sense from Juan? Of course he is also extremely clear once he gets into this piece. And holy crap is it that ONE Chance to get it right! Just One Chance for Freedom!

So if they: toss the case, it’ll be seen as failure to defend Constitution. Legislations will take place and they’ll be pretty much neutered, packed, term limited, Years Of Legal Battles after while Biden destroys America fully.

If they take it and uphold case; they will need to use the US Marshals or military to remove treasonous parties, to install correct politicians once military sorts it out, or Put In Rightful President and have new elections. If This Happens, here is where I see the Democrats and RINOs joining to RHEEEEE, Death of America! The DemoLibs and media would flip completely out and rage as they go down in the greatest RRRHHHEEEEE Storm ever!

The Econ will collapse, but all the info/data on elections will FLOOD out! The Plan! This will also reverse ALL LEGISLATIVE Pieces and VOTING all the way back before the 2020 Election! VOIDING ALL Federal Stuff the last 6 years in One Blow!! And the Supreme Court saves itself, the Constitution, and Republic in one TOTALLY LEGAL CASE and move. CHECKMATE! And Trump did nothing on its face to make it happen! 4 Trumpet Players from Utah did, and brought down Jericho’s walls! It’s could be truly that Biblical moment!

Will there be legal fights, heck yes and all sorts of turmoil, but it’ll be quickly squashed because The Military Will by law be dictating what goes on until shit gets straightened out period.

Will this happen?! That is thee trillion dollar question only the Supreme Court can answer. God give us all strength and the glory to see what ever unfolds through. Because no matter what, Where We Go One We Go All, together.