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there's even more on the macro level going on than rounding up the pedos and stopping them from murdering the world, i just can't shake it. I can't get to a cozy place where Trump/patriots free America and the world from murderous satanic pedos and that's the end of the story.

-watching Musk manage DeSantis's bungled launch on twitter

-Biden's endless gaffes and 'unintended' insults of leftards

-woke companies happily committing suicide with trans stupidity

-swamp people wearing boots all over the place

-golden ticket vid

it makes me wonder just to what extent that patriots are really in control. it's even more than we think. their reasoning for drawing this out to the full 8 year plan could have more objectives than just waking up the people and arresting the corrupt assholes. we're watching a movie that has more to the plot than waking up the people.

this doesn't sound like it's only an intel trap/rico case. more complex than D day?

Chris Miller Thanks VP Pence for Efforts in Most Complex Military Operation in History https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzDUVFRXGsA

Is it that God is involved directly and this is revelations? the big showdown with evil? God is the biggest white hat. https://qalerts.app/?q=revelations

I either need a break or should keep following this. or stick with only what's in the drops. or shut up cuz i'm compromising intel. argh.