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It just all clicked together for me. Gentlemen, it is all already happening/happened.

They are all actors/OR being TOLD what to do. I know we all know this, but do you understand what that means?

Give me one good reason why joe biden continued EO 13848.. None? He's controlled.

IT MEANS you can stop the worrying about what's going on. Instead just realize it is ALL coordinated, it is ALL acting, and it is designed to let the left (the public) believe their preferred party is in "control", while simultaneously doing what would otherwise be impossible. Dismantling the strongholds around the world for the deepstate. Ukraine, for example!!

What do you think all that money is going to over in Ukraine? Trump keeps saying they are using tax payer dollars to fight a proxy war with Russia. That's true! But not against Russia! We are coordinated and fighting with Russia, although discretely.

Everything is being completely dismantled, and those that have been chosen to "not be replaced", and are allowed to be rogue elements are in for a VERY VERY rude awakening. Although, I am very sad about Maui, and angry.

I doubt I need to prove to anyone that they are actors, enough of you post that kind of content here. But here is a video I took of Joe Bidens nose falling off TWO years ago. https://rumble.com/vek1pn-bidens-noes-melts-off.html

tl;dr everyone is acting, everything is fine, everything is under complete control; the bidens aren't ruining anything, it's just a disguise to be able to do what the public left wouldn't otherwise allow peacefully; everything is a show and it's SO OBVIOUS now.