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Jury selection to take approximately one hour. There is a total pool of 58 prospective jurors. They will be selected from a group of the first 40 interviewed. Lawyers on both sides can challenge the inclusion of certain people. There is currently a delay in proceedings as missing members of the jury pool are located.


Jurors questioned ahead of final selection. Judge Nathan has asked the jurors if they have read, seen, heard, or researched anything about the case during the holiday recess and if there is any reason that they cannot be a fair and impartial juror.

One juror, number 87, who works for a private equity firm has expressed doubts about being fair and impartial and will be questioned in the main courtroom. Jurors are currently being held in two separate courtrooms and have been addressed remotely.

On Nov. 16, that juror said: "My only concern is, I guess given proximity to private equity and finance, that's my only concern."

Juror 87 elaborated then the concern was the "number of high-profile individuals [...in] finance generally who have been implicated in this case."


Sarah Ransome — one of several women to have accused Ms Maxwell of abuse — was seen arriving at the courthouse on Monday morning. She told reporters: “I never thought this day would come.” Ms Ransome will not be testifying.


Juror 87 has been excused after saying that he had conversations with work contacts who had expressed strong opinions about the case. He said that he had been unable to cut them off.


Ms Maxwell is in court, with Bloomberg reporting that she is wearing a white turtleneck and dark slacks and is seated next to her lawyers, who she embraced on arrival as she usually does. Her sister Isabel is seated behind the defence table in the spectator area.


The jury and alternates have been picked. They have been asked to come to the third-floor courtroom so that opening statements can begin.


The prosecution team will present its opening statement first. This is their opportunity to frame the case as they would like the jury to see it — though nothing they say is evidence.

Opening statements set the tone for the trial and often feature themes that are returned to during closing arguments once the evidence has been presented to the jury.

Prosecutors expect to keep their opening statement to approximately 25 minutes and Ms Maxwell’s lawyers hope to keep their’s under an hour, according to Law & Crime’s Adam Klasfeld.


There is a pause in proceedings as a juror speaks with the judge about financial hardship, claiming their employer may not pay them to be off work for a six-week trial.

Another juror says a spouse has surprised them with a four-day vacation over the holidays from 24-28 December. Judge Nathan is contacting the first juror’s employer.


Judge Nathan says that the juror whose spouse announced a surprise trip doesn't know whether it could be moved. The judge is inclined to move ahead regardless.


Judge Nathan has told the juror with the vacation plans to keep pushing to see if there are options to move the trip as she is inclined for the court to sit that week. She is still gathering information from the other juror regarding their employment situation. Discussions are underway as to what to do if they have to replace either of the jurors.


Judge Nathan: The supervisor for the juror expressing a financial hardship said she'd "check" whether paid leave could be extended. You have 10 minutes, the judge said.


Judge Nathan has returned to the bench as the jurors continue to try and resolve their situations — it is hoped that this can be done within the hour. She raises the possibility of having seven alternates instead of six and then proceed with the opening statements.

Addressing the remaining potential jurors who are still waiting in two other courtrooms in the building, she tells them that they may still be called upon for jury duty. A suggestion of an early lunch break is dismissed as lunch for the jurors will not arrive until 1pm.


Maxwell's lawyer said a "tsunami" of news coverage would make a fair trial impossible, but the jury knew little about the case. One juror, who never heard of her, said of Epstein: “Billionaire who solicited prostitutes and underage girls.” Also, this juror had heard Maxwell was Epstein's "girlfriend." The juror otherwise did not know about the allegations against her.

Note: The "tsunami" comment was made well before voir dire. This is a developing story, based on what the jurors said during voir dire questioning.


The issues with the two jurors have been resolved. They will be sworn in before breaking for lunch. Judge Nathan announced: “We have our 18 jurors.” She has also dismissed the remaining potential jurors, thanking them for their service, patience, and time.


The jury has been sworn in by the courtroom deputy. Law & Crime’s Adam Klasfeld notes that it “appears to be a diverse jury in terms of race, age, and gender”.

This is the first time Ms Maxwell has seen the jury that will hear her case since the wider pool of potential jurors was questioned by the court.


Judge Nathan reminds jurors to avoid all social media and not to discuss the case with anyone — not even family and friends. She also noted the significant media attention surrounding the case.

Calling the jury the “triers of fact” Judge Nathan says that they are to “decide this case solely on the evidence provided in the courtroom”.


Ghislaine Maxwell appeared to be in good spirits at the start of her trial on charges of trafficking underage girls for convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The British socialite seemed relaxed, played with her hair, smiled from behind her mask and waved at her sister as jury selection in the case began, according to press pool reports.


Prosecution Opening Statement

Poised to deliver an opening statement for the government is Assistant U.S. Attorney Lara Elizabeth Pomerantz. Opening line by the prosecution: "I want to tell you about a young girl named Jane."

AUSA says this girl was introduced to a man and a woman at camp. The man described himself as a donor there. "What Jane didn't know then is that man and woman were predators."

AUSA: "Who was that woman targeting young girls for sexual abuse? It was the defendant: Ghislaine Maxwell."

"She helped normalize abusive sexual conduct." Prosecutors are expected to talk about "grooming" at trial. AUSA: "She put them at ease [...] all so they could be molested by a middle age man."

"There were times when she was in the room when it happened." About "Jane." That's how three of the four "Minor Victims" of the indictment are anonymized. One is public.

AUSA calls Maxwell and Epstein "partners in crime," often targeting the daughters of single mothers.

They "promised these girls the world," going after girls with "difficult home lives." "They figured out what these girls wanted to do when they grew up and they promised to help."

“They were wealthy and influential people who used that cover to make the girls and their parents feel comfortable and safe,” Ms Pomerantz says.

“What came next was anything but safe. The next stage involved getting the girls comfortable with sexual contact involving Epstein,” she continues describing that massaging Epstein was used as a way of beginning the abuse by getting them to touch him and allowing him to touch them.

"They made these girls feel seen. They made these girls feel special, but that was a cover." The prosecutor describes the "so-called massages" that she says Maxwell arranged for Epstein. "What was happening inside those massage rooms was not a massage; it was sexual abuse."

The prosecutor acknowledges the case may make jurors uncomfortable, before saying: "He directed girls to massage him, while he masturbated. He sometimes received oral sex, and he sometimes penetrated the girls' vaginas with his penis."

She says Maxwell helped Epstein find those girls. "Sometimes, she touched the girls' bodies."

"Even when she was not in the room, make no mistake: She knew exactly what Epstein was going to do to those children when she sent them inside those massage rooms,” Ms Pomerantz returned to the story of Jane describing how they befriended her despite being more than twice her age, taking her shopping and to movies and giving her hundreds of dollars.

The abusive relationship continued for years at both Epstein’s residences in Palm Beach and in New York, says the prosecutor.

"Ladies and gentleman, Jane was not the only one." Maxwell and Epstein "devised" a "Pyramid scheme of abuse," encouraging girls to bring other girls — to be rewarded with cash. "You'll also hear about Epstein's staff," including the pilot for the private planes and employees from his residence, the prosecutor says.

Prosecutor to jury: You'll see FedEx records confirming that Epstein sent a gift to one of his victims when she was 15 years old. "They were exploiting kids," the AUSA says. "They were trafficking kids for sex."

Explaining how the prosecution will prove the counts against Ms Maxwell true, Ms Pomerantz says that Jane herself will take the stand. The jury will also hear from family members of the victims and Epstein’s staff, including his pilots, as well as law enforcement officers who searched his homes. Flights log, courier records, and other hard evidence will also be shown to make the case that the pair were trafficking children for sex, and that this went on for a decade.


Defense Opening Statement

Defense statement from Maxwell's lawyer Bobbi Sternheim. "Ever since eve was accused of tempting Adam for the apple, women have been blamed for the bad behavior of men and women are often villainized and punished more than the men ever are."

Ms Sternheim argues that her client is not like Epstein, nor the other powerful men who abused women and that the prosecution will not be able to prove that Ms Maxwell committed the crimes with which she is charged.

“This case is about memory, manipulation, and money.”

Says Ms Sternheim: “As you will see, the accusations that you will hear from the mouths of four accusers — not like the hundreds that the government suggested you would hear from — you will hear from them and they will recount from their memories, memories of a quarter-century ago. Memories that have been corrupted by things that have happened throughout the years. Manipulated by a narcissistic man and self-interested civil lawyers and a desire for a big jackpot of money.”

Sternheim says she's "proud" to represent Maxwell: The government's story relies upon the claims of four accusers. She emphasizes the time period of the indictment dating back decades. "As we all know, memories fade over time, and in this case, we will learn not only have memories faded. But they have been contaminated by outside information, media reports" and other influences, the defense attorney says.

The defense counsel also attacks "civil attorneys" who saw Epstein and Maxwell as "easy targets" for lawsuits and money. "She is a scapegoat for a man—"

Prosecutor: Objection.

Judge Nathan: "As stated, overruled."

Sternheim says "Epstein's death left a gaping hole" for justice for these women. Referring to Maxwell, Sternheim says: "She is a brand name. She is a lightning rod. She is a convenient stand-in for man who—"

AUSA: Objection.

The parties confer privately with the judge at sidebar to see whether this is permissible theme for opening statement. After sidebar, Sternheim switches topics, urging jurors not to judge her client on her affluence: "Privileged background, comfortable lifestyle, status, they may be things that easily check the wrong box, but they are not crimes."


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Keep these updates coming please. I want to hear every tiny detail.

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Awesome! Thank you

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Countering the prosecution's tale of "Jane," Sternheim says: "I wish I could tell you a progressive, once-upon-a-time narration," but the evidence is "not conducive" to that. Ms Sternheim says testimony will include experts on how memory changes and can be contaminated, adding that there will be no eyewitnesses to the victim accounts and no documentation to corroborate their testimony. She's calling a "false memory" expert (one who testified or consulted for Harvey Weinstein, Robert Durst, O.J. Simpson and others.)

Ms Sternheim likens Epstein to James Bond. “I said before Epstein was a manipulator but he was also a mysterious man without attachment. He had no wife. He had no children. And he had no boss. Yet he attracted all these rich and powerful people before and after his fall from grace back around 2008.”

“In many regards, he was like a 21st-century James Bond,” she adds. “His mystery has stirred interest, and his accusers have shaken the money train and millions of dollars have fallen their way.”

(Extensive sidebar)

Sternheim: Each of the witnesses who are testifying here received money from the Jeffrey Epstein compensation fund. An ability to look back over 25 years with 20/20 vision is unlikely.

The defence strategy shifts to explain what the jury will hear from each witness, starting with Jane whom she says had her schooling and vocal lessons paid for by Epstein, while she lived in a Wall Street apartment co-signed by him. She paints Epstein as a patron of the arts and says that nothing amiss happened when Jane and her family visited Florida.

Ms Sternheim says that Jane did not want to be involved in any criminal case against Epstein until after he died when having hired a lawyer she remembers “all this horror” and puts Ms Maxwell in the frame too. “She is a consummate actress and is a pro at playing roles.”

“Examine critically” her story, Ms Sternheim tells the jury.

Sternheim is taking turns attempting to undermine each of the women identified in the indictment as "Minor Victim." She is currently speaking about Annie Farmer who was 16 when she met Epstein and Ms Maxwell in New Mexico.

"You will learn that she was above the age of consent in New Mexico," she says.

AUSA: Objection



Ms Sternheim claims that Annie never saw Epstein after seeing him in New Mexico and was only convinced she was a victim afterward by other people. She says that she had also kept boots that he bought her for 25 years, yet says she was scarred by the meeting. Like Jane, Annie also received money from the Epstein fund.

About the third witness, Ms Sternheim says she sent pictures to him in jail in the early 2000s and visited him after his release. She also only pointed the finger at Ms Maxwell after Epstein died and received money from the fund.

The fourth accuser, Carolyn, is described by Ms Sternheim as having a “troubled past” and a “dangerous lifestyle” and was introduced to Epstein by Virginia Roberts, another victim, who has spoken publicly about her time with him.

Arguing that Carolyn has never mentioned Ms Maxwell in previous testimony about Epstein, she says that she also groomed and trafficked girls for him and only accused the defendant after his death when there was money to be had. She too received money from the Epstein fund.

She adds that the age of consent will also be important in the case and they should keep that in mind. Sternheim says that the four accusers have thin stories that lack support and that they have been impacted by lawyers, media, things they have read and heard, and money.

Sternheim: "They will not overcome the burden. They will not overcome reasonable doubt. The govt is trying to stitch together the stories of four different people, four stories to [show] a pattern. But the only pattern you will see here is the success of those four people getting big money awards from the Epstein fund. Big bucks," she says.


The defense opening statement concludes.



Witness Testimony

Judge Nathan invited Assistant US Attorney Maureen Comey to call the first witness. Ms Comey is the daughter of James Comey, former director of the FBI from 2013 to 2017 until he was fired by then-President Donald Trump.

While court proceedings are due to end promptly at 5pm, the judge appears keen to keep things moving after this morning’s delay.

The first witness is Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr, formerly Epstein’s pilot. "I was captain during the initial part."

"I was a pilot, yes." He says he was hired in Ohio in 1991. Visoski says he was flying Epstein around roughly "every four days." Some of the locales were from Palm Beach to Santa Fe, New York, and St. Thomas. Visoski identifies Maxwell in court.

Asked about Maxwell's relationship to Epstein, Visoski replied: "It was more personal than business."

Q: About how long did that romantic relationship last? He estimates the 2000s. "I wouldn't even characterize it as romantic," he hedges. It was "more couple-ish," he adds.

The witness rattles off Epstein's various properties: the house in Palm Beach, Fla.; the NYC mansion, ranch in Santa Fe, N.M.; and homes in St. Thomas and nearby Little Saint James. Visoski describes the interior of Epstein's NYC mansion in detail, as photos of the properties are entered into evidence and displayed for the jury.


The jury has been excused with proceedings ending at 5 p.m., sharp. Direct examination will continue Tuesday morning.

Jury Excused

USA vs. Ghislaine Maxwell Indictment: https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdny/press-release/file/1291491/download

November 29, 2021 update:

Victim Attendance at Trial. In orders dated October 14 and November 24, 2021, the S.D.N.Y. Court outlined procedures for public access to the trial in this matter. (Trial began on November 29, 2021, with jury selection.) Specifically, consistent with the District’s COVID-19 protocols, the Court will ensure public access (with COVID-19 distancing) to the trial in the courtroom itself and in several overflow rooms at the courthouse with live feeds of the proceedings. Beyond the live feeds within the courthouse, the trial will not be further broadcast; nor will there be any telephonic dial-in to the proceedings. Victim access will be coordinated by the U.S. Attorney’s Office Victim-Witness Coordinator, Wendy Olsen (212-637-1028, [email protected]), and Mr. Joseph Pecorino of the Court’s District Executive Office (212-805-0504, [email protected]). Victims who wish to attend the trial may contact either one of those persons for further information.

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This is excellent. Thank you for taking the time!

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Epstein's pilot, Lawrence Visoski Jr, did not choke on a piece of steak in his sleep tonight.

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Will they continue to question the pilot tomorrow? And I hope Jame’s daughter doesn’t slump on her prosecution questioning like her father would! I’m hoping daughter decides to make a name for herself, making us all proud and burying these sickos. God give her the strength to stay the course and do the correct, lawful, and truthful thing in nailing these evil people to the wall.

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You could be on to something. u/#q1182

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Catherine herridge of cbs mentions follow the pen a lot and has had lots of legal docs highlighted over the past couple of years on her twitter account

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I understand that the pens are like the hands of a clock and point to specific "times".

Wind the clock

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The result of EO -United States Sanctions Human Rights Abusers and Corrupt Actors Across the Globe- is this list

"Specially Designated Nationals And Blocked Persons List (SDN)" PDF version


The list is being updated even though GEPOTUS is not in Office


Frozen Assets List. First section is by persons and aliases and it is very very long,hard to follow and includes aliases as individual separate entries. But the more interesting list is the LIST of the property apparently confiscated scroll to bottom and scroll up to page 1565

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China threatening war with Taiwan. Coincidence?

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I’ve been thinking there will be a huge environmental type FF like the BP oil spill. It gives the media something to sit on for days without drawing attention to a chynuh or other human enemy that could go wrong if information is discovered.

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Boy, are these jurors in for a shock. Anons have had a few years to get their heads around the atrocities this evil woman has been involved in.

Nothing can stop what is coming. NOTHING!! Q

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You can bet all 58 prospective jurors have already had their mortgages paid off by the deep state. Kind of amazing anybody thinks that any sort of criminal justice will be dealt out in a citizen court after the OJ trial.

But this time will somehow be different cause James Comey's daughter is the lead prosecutor and the judge presiding over this case was nominated to the US court of appeals by Biden and Schumer just like week.

And guess how that judge repaid the favor this morning!?? By blocking any "sensational and impure information" to the media during the Maxwell case. This will go nowhere and be the biggest blow of all. Especially after Q confirmed Ghislaine was the "first big arrest". What is the movement prepared for when she gets a reduced sentence of 5 years and walks for time served?

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I think it's a trap to expose the judicial corruption. They didn't release her on house arrest. We'll see!

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The OJ trial had that lousy detective who planted evidence. Without that planted evidence, OJ would have likely been convicted.

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OJ was in a few Hollyweird movies. Is he a Freemason and part of the "protected" class?

Honest question, I don't know myself.

PhDinNY 2 points ago +2 / -0

I don't know. I think it was just a highly racially infused court case, so the planted evidence tipped the scale in favor of OJ. Even without it, it seems a conviction would have been hard since there would have been incredible rioting if he had been convicted. It's too bad public opinion/behavior can affect court cases, but that seems to be what periodically happens.

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Good points Fren. As I get older, these riots seem more manufactured than grass roots.

The 1967 Urban Riots, Kent State, LA Riots, Occupy Wall Street, Antifa clashes with the Tea Party, Seattle, etc. All of these events are increasingly manipulated by the media and have become a tool to divide us. All part of the "plan".

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Kind of amazing anybody thinks that any sort of criminal justice will be dealt out

Boy you can say that again...this trial will serve the purpose of demonstrating and cementing the fact that the judicial branch of the federal government has ceased to be functional. This is a crucial fact for President Trump to establish, and he is doing it BRILLIANTLY. Similarly as the election fraud cases that will be rejected by the Supreme Court.

That will cement the fact that the Executive, Legislative, and finally Judicial branches are all demonstrably non-functional. All part of devolution.

Everything they do just provides further proof that Trump was right, plus justification for going around the fedgov and having the military take over, at least for enough time to get the country under control and do the tribunals and executions.

Q confirmed Ghislaine was the "first big arrest".

When?? I can't be the only one unaware he had ever confirmed who it would be. Or can I?

What is the movement prepared for when she gets a reduced sentence of 5 years and walks for time served?

Fully prepared for NCSWIC

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Welcome to the New World. Justice served will never be on the side of justice again. They may as well tear down all the courts that display ‘blindfolded Lady Justice’. Makes you think how far as a society we have fallen. And all while we were sleeping.

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Anyone who isn't already awake will not even realize the Maxwell trial is happening.

Just like the couple hundred million people who didn't notice the NXIUVM case of elites trafficking minors for sex that happened last year. MSM won't cover it, and nobody who isn't already following will even be aware of it. It will immediately be memory holed after Maxwell takes the fall for the whole thing and it gets swept under the rug. But yeah, I guess after all of that THEN they can start the arrests lmao

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Rittenhouse set precedent that this is not the case! Lol

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The defense's first argument was to quote Adam and Eve and paint it as a negative story... This trial may go the way we hope...

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I found this odd. Eve did tempt Adam to sin. The devil tempted Eve. Both sinned. It implies that Maxwell and Epstein both sinned too.

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The Independent

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October 20, 2021 update: The Court will hold a telephone conference to discuss jury selection matters on October 21, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. Members of the press and the public in the United States may access the live audio feed of the proceeding by calling 844-721-7237 and using access code 9991787. Those outside of the United States may access the live audio feed by calling 409-207-6951 and using the same access code. Any photographing, recording, or rebroadcasting of federal court proceedings is prohibited by law. Violation of these prohibitions may result in fines or sanctions, including monetary fines, restricted entry to future hearings, denial of entry to future hearings, or any other sanctions deemed necessary by the Court. https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdny/united-states-v-ghislaine-maxwell

Code didn’t work for me yet.

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There’s a phone number to call. Sorry I didn’t jot it down.

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Praying JUSTICE sees the LIGHT of DAY

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Learn 2 PaInt

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Actually, if even one name appeared on CNN, I WOULD be shocked.

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I find it amusing that the leftist attorney supporting a leftist asset talks about how affluence is not a crime, while their side destroys the middle class and upper class to reduce it to just a small few elites.

Hypocrisy that only retards would buy into.

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Liberalism REQUIRES hypocrisy

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Doesn't matter - these attorney's are sick af, they know their client is guilty and they try to discredit the victim.

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Smells like kangaroo shit in this kangaroo court

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What do you expect in a banana republic?

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Bananas, Ooh Naah Nah....

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rw7PUrgU3N0 (Remy, Banana - Free Trade )

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Thanks for this

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Defense statement from Maxwell's lawyer Bobbi Sternheim. "Ever since eve was accused of tempting Adam for the apple, women have been blamed for the bad behavior of men and women are often villainized and punished more than the men ever are."

Huh. I thought "behind every great man, there's a great woman", feminists? See, I can come up with your own canned bullshit to thrown shade too.

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Sources: The Independent and Adam Klasfeld

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Wasn’t there a Q drop with some specific expectations here? Want to know what to be looking for

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damn i wish i had one of these jobs doing courtroom sketches

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So do I, because that would mean I could draw a hell of a lot better than I actually can

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I tried to call in and code didn’t work. Maybe there is a limit in how many can hear.

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Excellent, thank you!