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So between the announcement of impending arrest and this message:

The things that will be set in motion these NEXT FEW DAYS will change the course of Humanity forever.

I got so hyped on hopium, my depression over the state of the world went into abeyance. Finally, something truly good might happen! I even told the checkout lady at the store. She needs some good news. She had broken a bunch of her elderly bones and is in pain every day.

But. . .like many other moments of irrational exuberance . . . nothing. I have fallen for this more times in the last three years than I care to count.

I really wish DJT would stop sending out fake meat nothing burgers. The roller coaster effect is not any good for me. I need to accept the reality that the world is evil, it is getting worse by the day, we are in the End Times, and no savior is coming until the "last day" when Christ returns. And nobody knows when that day will be. The weight of how crushing it is, not knowing when relief will come, not knowing how bad it can get with WEF breathing down our necks, is close to more than I can bear. So I don't need or want any fake saviors. I just want to wait and hope upon the real one. The real one will come "just in time."

And where is DJT's fortune stashed? He knows the banks are fried and we the peons are not sure what to do. We are not Oprah, who gets to be bailed out on account of her elite billionaire status, and Israelis, who get to have their funds transferred to Israel before the SVB meltdown is announced. Do you think they held off release of the bad news until certain entities got their digits transferred? Yeah, probably. Things are controlled like that.

In actuality, I had given up the idea that DJT would ride in to save the day. The longer the Bidenistas are allowed the reigns of power, the worse things get. And nobody calls them out??? What kind of strange reality is this? It's a nightmare world! I'm not going to stuff my face with popcorn over this, as if I am watching a movie. This "movie" stinks!!! And popcorn makes you fat.

Don't say crud like this to me, if it isn't real:

The things that will be set in motion these NEXT FEW DAYS will change the course of Humanity forever.

Millions of people are hoping in him and counting on him and believing that he has the will and the ability to change things for the better. Or, he could just be a charlatan, peddling false hope. I'm grateful we had him for 4 years instead of Hill and Bill. S/he didn't win, because DJT said the right things, and the Commie Dems didn't cheat enough to sneak her in the door. So they made sure in 2020. And then they undid all the good things that DJT had worked to do. But he didn't stop the poison vax. He didn't stop it, and that is a fact.

Yeah, I know. We are not supposed to post black pill thoughts, but if my own father treated me like this, I wouldn't trust him anymore.

Rant out.