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I've been noticing that this here forum/home of ours has been getting increasingly more focused on "typical" conspiracy theory fare. I can get down with a lot of it tbh, I've been digging into most of the various topics I see now for years...BUT...for normies coming here, we HAVE to stick to as much factual information as possible.

Think about how all these posts about Biden being a clone or actor look to normies...or even some of Pentagon videos...

The post about Paul Walker and the Clinton Foundation with no sauce and just a low res snippet of an article...somewhere...

The reason the Anon community and Q has kept up momentum and has made such an impact is because it's been grounded in evidence. Typically evidence that comes out of mainstream news sources that normies read. We just connect some dots that normies are brainwashed out of.

Q hasn't posted in a long time. Many Anons are tired of the battles/war. We were warned this would be the case, so let's refocus. r/conspiracy became a wasteland of crap over time but it was allowed to exist for a reason. It was mostly junk and no one cared about what was posted because it was so outlandish that normies never bought into any of it.

Let's at least not sticky posts like the one claiming Biden is an actor when the images are clearly explained with the simplest explanation...plastic surgery. (All due respect to OP on that one)

This is an information war and there are likely dozens of groups who want this board shut down or delegitimized. What's the easiest way to do that?

Make us all look like nutjobs and flood the board with posts that mimic conspiracy boards of old.

Heads on a swivel Anons.